Thinking of dropping some acts.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mow Man, Jul 21, 2012.

  1. Roachy

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    I think trooper is probably right. If youre running 3-4 guys at around 40hrs a week, thats about 150 hrs of labor. If your paying them $10/hr, thats $1500/wk in payroll and $6k a month. Would you be able to have 2 crews running with 2 seperate trucks?
  2. scagman52

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    Not enough accounts for 3-4 guys working. Tighten up on your labor!
  3. gcbailey

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    don't forget about the "small" stuff too.... fuel, blades, string, etc.... are your routes optimized and streamlined? I'm pretty familiar with myrtle beach, we usually hit there a couple times a year and I would say that if you haven't laid everything out you could be wasting thousands in fuel alone. But like everyone else is saying too, if you have too much work, you're probably too cheap.... being legit sucks at times!
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    For instance our mow crews cost roughly $1000 /week and return ~$3000 to the business. I don't mow. Those number are pretty solid. I like to keep~ 70% of the revenue for
    Gross profit. Before fixed costs.
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  5. 32vld

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    Six mowers with sizes too close and or overlapping to justify spending that much money.

    32" to get through the small gates and tight spots. I don't have any place that a 32" can't fit so no need for a 21".

    If you have a 48" WB you don't need a 36" WB and your 42" Z will go through 4' gates and be faster then your 36" WB. Then being you have a 42" Z and a 48" WB why did you go and buy a 48" Z? Not enough size increase or speed increase to be worth it.

    Should of bought a 60" Z instead of that 48" Z.

    Nothing wrong with bi weeks as long as you charging 50% more then if you were cutting it weekly. That skipping a week causes extra growth requiring more time to mow, edge, blow. Customer is still saving money and the LCO is being paid for the extra labor.

    You need to examine your costs and rates that you are charging.

    Also to think before making purchases. That a want is not the same as a need.
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  6. wrtenterprises

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    WOW, I'm surprised you are still able to pay the bills. Only 10k-13k per month and paying (5) full-time guys including yourself? Maybe I'm in a niche market, but those numbers seem very low for a 5 man operation.

    Is this a mowing only company?
  7. 32vld

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    There's good money in trimming bushes and everything if you don't low ball and are willing to work instead of just running a mower.
  8. orangemower

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    I'd rather trim a large hedge row or multiple hedge rows as in a bunch on one property. Plus all the mulching I do. I make out real good on them. I make more on the full service type work then on mowing. I make good on mowing as well but not like the full service type work.
  9. Mow Man

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    No, this is not a mow only company

    To clear things up a little about my labor-I run with two full timeers each week. typically every other week is a heavy week and I go with them for that week and bring another helper for another 3 days when we are doing our larger acts and hoa's. The off week I use the same two FT's and I will go with them for Thurs. and Friday. M,T and W of the slow weeks I do office, estimates , scheduling, put out fires etc... Honestly, I think I am running things pretty tight as far as labor goes.
  10. Mow Man

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    Also, That is the problem-I'm getting to the point that the bills are getting real tough to pay if , in some cases I can't. I'm trying real hard to not justify letting go of some accounts especially as hard as they are to get in this market. I can not keep going in the same direction like some would if I want to stay in business. Like one of you stated "sometimes it sucks to be legit", but in my opinion that is not an option as far as dropping insurance coverage. I am a professional and care too much for the wellbeing of my employees and my family to stick my head out, I have too much to loose if I have a claim filed against me. Not to mention the fact that I could not persue commercial and hoa acts with out being legit. I am a fighter, just not sure exactly what punch to throw at this point.

    I really apreciate all of the input here and look forward to hearing more!

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