Thinking of getting an enclosed pros or cons?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by GreenscapesWV, Oct 8, 2011.

  1. GreenscapesWV

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    Have always had open trailers for mowing equipment etc. Thinking about changing to a 8.5x20 box next spring. I know the box would be really nice all lettered up and a rolling billboard but when people see mowers on an open trailer they know what you do for work and if you have sign on your trailer and on the truck they will know who you are still. Whats your guys thoughts??
  2. groundmasters

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    All I know is my next trailer will be a box. First off I feel more comfortable when we all go into a store or go inside for lunch. All someone has to do is pull up next to your open trailer and grab a weed wacker and there goes $350. At least with the box you can just put a padlock on it and feel a little more safe. Also if someone doesnt secure a piece of equipment properly you dont have to worry about it bouncing down the road.
  3. easy-lift guy

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    Boxed trailers are nice but they tend to get smashed and dented very easy, more expensive but more security as well, make sure you purchase one with enough natural lighting and vents to match, otherwise electric lights will be fine, just have enough.
    easy-lift guy
  4. PLS-Tx

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    We have been using a 8.5X20 enclosed for going on 6 years.

    It's been great, had it lettered, it's been a great source of advertising.

    I don't agree with it getting all bagging up, ours still looks great. Now, up close it has scratches and dings but from a feet back it still looks new.

    Natural lighting is not necessary, as long as you have enough lights inside. We have 3, I'm sure 2 would work.

    We have 2 roof vents, I'm sure 1 would be fine. We do have side flow through vents which I think are important.

    We also have 2 fuel doors that are very nice to have. We run the hose through the small door and fill everything without unloading.

    It also has LED lights, which I like. They are very bright, don't use much juice, and last forever.

    What do you plan to pull it with?

    Good luck, I would be happy to try to help any way I can.
  5. weeze

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    might wanna install some kind of a/c unit cuz those things are so hot inside of them during the summer lol...i'm sure there's good and bad about both types...i've always used open trailers though.
  6. GreenscapesWV

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    2500 hd i am used to hauling a 30ft trailer with racecars in it weighing 12k for trailer only.

    if i got a box im gonna put a 55 gal of gas with a hose or one of those tanks from tractor supply. also i can keep all equipment in there and build me a couple shelves. it would set me apart from people in my area with a box!
  7. FoghornLeghorn

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    I feel a lot more comfortable with my equipment being in an enclosed trailer. It's out of the rain, nothing gets faded from the sun, employees have a place to go when nature calls, potential thieves can't see what's inside. It also gives a large canvas to advertise your business on.

    On the other hand, they are not good when you have to load branches, leaf cleanup, etc.

    Overall, I think they work better for everyday use.
  8. UpperCutLawns

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    I have a 16x8 and it's nice not having to load and unload the equipment and its nice keeping your stuff away from the elements. Only pain I feel is that its alot easier to fuel up the machines on a open trailer.

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    We have a 16 and a 14 enclosed. They work well for us. Personally I got side vents but not roof vents, the roof vents seem to get broken or leak. Good luck with your purchase. P.s make sure you tongues are long enough and buy quality. We run pace trailers.
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  10. weather command

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    I, too, am thinking of an enclosed trailers. Quality matters to me and there seems to be huge price swings depending on the trailer...any thoughts on manufacturers, brand etc?

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