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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnworker, Jan 13, 2002.

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    How many of you all have thought about going from full time solo to part time again.This would mean accepting a regular day job and working lawn care after 4:30 P.M. .I applied with the county near me for a water meter reader job with the utility department.I have reason to believe they will offer me this position,however i am not sure if this would really be a good move for me are not the pay is around 20000.00 starting with excellent benefits.Last year in lawn care I grossed around 20000 also.I know this sounds like I have been kind of a slacker which i admit is true becouse I did not work as much as I could of with more clients.I have been used to making plenty to get by in the season ( due to low bills and over head) and not working hard enuff to save plenty for winter which brings on winter worries and temp job searches.But getting back to this county job it could well be a doorway to other things within the county to advance to .To confuse things further i have just started night school at college pre curriculum classes that are required for associates degree program and if i was to accept the job with the county and do lawncare at night i would have to drop these classes.Why do i get myself into this mess??? Anybody with some good advice?
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    Well being green I still have some common sense. (at least I tell her I do). I would take the job (if you get it), go to school and cut lawns on the weekends. Save your days off from school for homework and rest. If you burn yourself out you will most likely think its because of school and drop it. Hope I earned a bownie point on this one:blush:
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    Do what makes you the most happy. I enjoy lawn care. If I just wanted to make money I would go with the most growth potential.
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    Personally speaking, if I was to mow part-time and I do, I would mow in the mornings for 2 reasons. 1) it's cooler and 2) I would perfer to mow when the customer is at work (not home). I work 3rd shift (and have for 10 years). Just something to think about.


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    Lawnworker-- Sounds like to me that you're already mowing part-time. 12 regulars??? Good grief, I can knock out 12 accts alone in one day and still have time to play 9 holes of golf. I assume you're single, no kids and living with the rents. Just wait til you get married, have kids, a mortgage, etc... You'll be motivated to expand your bizz and start making some dough!!!!! Just my 2 cents worth. Good luck--LAWNS AND MOWER

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