Thinking of going to peace work

Discussion in 'Employment' started by C&C Landscaping, Oct 14, 2018.

  1. C&C Landscaping

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    Thinking of going to peace work for our mowing crews.
    Anyone doing this?
  2. rclawn

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    I made the switch from a more violent approach on the lawns several years ago and haven’t looked back! Employees used to be instructed they were launching an attack on the grass, which resulted in more enthusiasm, speed of work etc. But too many were killing spots with string trimmer so now we promote ourselves as being one with the lawn. We liken it to us as a team, working to maintain and preserve grass rather than reduce it.
  3. TPendagast

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    It’s piece work btw

    Otherwise you’d be hiring a gang of hippies
  4. Mark Stark

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    Tie dyed mowers and drum circles during lunch breaks!:laugh:
  5. OakNut

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    OK... what is "Piece Work"?
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  6. hort101

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    Sounds like my kind of company culture
    Where can I sign up?:cool2:
  7. kemco

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    OakNut... We don't do it (yet) but I do like the concept. Instead of an hourly wage, the employee would get $X per lawn or it might be different per lawn or job. Then at the end of the work week you then convert back to an hourly wage by using some arbitrary per hour wage rate (as long as it is at least min wage). Ideally promotes faster work because the faster the crew can get the job/jobs done the more they earn per hour . Let's say the end of the work week and all has been completed in 30 hours of actual work. Based on what employee earned piece meal they are to be paid $500 gross. Your arbitrary hourly rate for them has been set at $13 per hour. $500/$13= 38.46 hours is what you pay them for (even though they only worked 30 hours). At least that's my understanding and my CPA said there was no prob doing it that way should I want to. My hang up is let's say you run a 3 person crew but one guy is the slow poke holding every other person up... or at least that's what the other two crew are telling you. What then.
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  8. That Guy Gary

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    How many hours do your guys normally work a week?

    Are they responsible for any duties that don't directly create revenue, like maintenance on their equipment?

    In the US you are still responsible for paying OT for piece work and still owe wages for any other work they do. It's honestly a bit of a bother if your employees regularly work a decent amount of OT or have other duties.
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  9. Tara Ann

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    We are working on a "Piece Sharing Program." Does anybody have one of those set in place?

    @snomaha mentioned a company savings account earlier; it read to be something that would serve both the employee, and the employer, as a benefit.
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  10. Mark Oomkes

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    And once you're into piece work, OT is no longer strictly time and a half an hourly rate. It is based on their wages\40 hours then 1.5.
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