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Wye Oak Tree

Wye Oak Tree

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Has it always taken you 3.5 hours all 14 years?
No, probably just over 2hr back in 2007. But the owners have added on more areas they wanted mowed/trimmed. Then they had some areas worked on and thus these grass slopes appeared. 45* angle slopes.

I just looked, I charged them $70 a cut in 2007.
With the areas they added on and over the years and as mentioned I'm at $150 now.

Freaky Fido

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Most of my lawns are bigger lawns and yeah, my hourly rate on them is lower. But there's also something to be said for spending an hour or two at the same place with zero travel time.

What I try to do is limit the amount of time on them to a budgeted amount. So this time of year with lush spring growth I concentrate on making the priority areas look good. I may skip the trimming around the wooded edges in back, let a little "hay" remain on the back lawn, not go vertical on the tree rings and give them a tapered edge instead. Things most people won't even notice.


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Nah, she was a widow that I have become with good friends and I am reliable and do a good job.
I helped them thru some emotional issues after the husband died in a motorcycle accident

For a short bite on here, What is your problem? Just trying to troll or agitate?

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