Thinking of passing on a great customer


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$45 is my minimum charge. Tthis customer called me when he had 2 days left to get it mowed or the city would bill him for it. I droppedwhat I was doing in the middle of moving, and cut it for $150 before his deadline the next day. Been cutting it for $45 biweekly since September last year. Don't be mad.View attachment 443391
Where’s the before pic?


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One way to look at raising prices:
If an LCO had raised the price $1/year/mow, then do the math to demonstrate to the savings the customer has received/enjoyed over the years.

Just an overly simple example:
If 25 mows/year then $25 saved if price not raised. Then $50 saved the 2nd year, then $75 the 3rd year, $100/4th year & $125/5th year. 5 years savings of $375 if priced never raise compared to raising it $1/year.
So, when raising the price/mow by $5/mow, it will cost them $125 that first year it is raised. They have then saved $250 since the price was never raised over the previous 5 years.

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I’ve had similar problems. Hard to price big lawns correctly. For some reason I always under bid big lawns. :wall
I'm in the same boat...I have a half acre lawn I do for $60, in and out in about 90 minutes with a 21 inch mower, and it's the largest lawn I do...I really wish I priced it at $75, but I'm nottoo upset, because while time is definitely important, I mainly look at the total I'm getting for the day, or week...I feel much better that way...most of my lawns take 35 minutes or less and are $35, so that's over a dollar a minute...averages are very important, too


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I am thinking of passing on of one my best customers. The property owners are great. Nice people who pay their bill on time every time. Over 14 years of servicing their property, never a call or complain. They never ask "how much to do this and that".

The problem is on me. My pricing weekly cutting is not right. The place took me today 3 plus hours to mow and trim. And there is a lot of trimming and lots of sections which are very tedious.

I am charging them $150 per mow service.
Well $150 divided by 3.5 hours is $43/ per hour. Not great.

What gets me is I mow a small lawn that day which takes 20 minutes tops and I get $50. Other lawns that same day I can mow in lest than 30 min and get $50+

I really hate to give up on these people, we have built a relationship over the years.
But I hope I don't have to explain to them their lawn service price should be like $200 a week.
I might have to.

Again, perfect customers but way under the price for my service. That is on me.

Years ago i would hear $60 per hour to mow. It might be even higher now..
God tell me about it. I mow 2.5 acres 15 minutes outside my service area for 85 dollars. I have no plans of cancelling her either lol, I guess it’ll be my good deed every week.

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