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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by pema, Jun 12, 2005.

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    I'm in year 2 of a lawn fertilizer/weed control business. I've built a similar business in another State and had great success. I have an opportunity to relocate in the late fall and am considering it strongly.

    Customer base is strong and I've spent $$ for quality name/logo and recognition and I'm certain years 3 and 4 will be very profitable. (this year will be profitable but hardly enough to make a solid living). For now, this is a 1 man operation.

    Do any of you think that it is worth shopping out this young business, or just sell off the assests?
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    How many accounts do you have that are from your first year. Second year clients are not going to be worth as much as second year. I bought a company in Dayton last year and realized that I could have spent less money to obtain the same number of customers through advertising and running estimates.

    Also, the newer (under 18 months or so) clients from the other company were the ones that were not willing to stay on for the buy out.

    What areas do you service?

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    List with a business broker, you have nothing to lose!

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