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thinking of starting a lawn care business???


LawnSite Member
Ligonier, IN
I have been thinking of starting a lawncare business and was wondering if it is easy to startup. this is my first year with a snowplow and I have done alright but would like to continue with something for myself throughout the rest of the year.

Eric ELM

Husband, Father, Friend, Angel
Chicago, IL USA
It is fairly easy to get started. First of all read as many of the posts on here that will educate you in this field and get some fliers out by the end of April or first of March. There is a lot of great information on this site to get you started in the right direction. Good Luck.

Randy Scott

LawnSite Bronze Member
chew, you have come to the right place my friend. The guys here on the lawnsite are a wealth of knowledge and can answer any question you have. This site kicks butt. I am in the same boat as you, just starting a business. I think if you want to make it work, you will. If you decide to start one, good luck and pay attention to what these guys have to say.
Good luck on starting your new business, Chew. As 65Hoss said don't be a lowballer just to get business because this hurts you and the industry as a whole. Advice on equipment, demo as many different mowers as you can to find one that will work for you, I wish I had demoed more units before I bought my first commercial mower 4 years ago. The deal sounded good and the price was right, but the quality in the machine was not there. Ask Lawn Care Operators in your area about what they use and about dealer service. The service and support that the dealer will provide to you is a very important thing to consider.

As Eric pointed out it is easy to get started in this business. Read as many of the post as you can, use the search function to look for topics on questions you may have, if you don't find your question answered there, start a new thread with that question.

There are no dumb questions, only dumb answers. So don't feel like your question isn't worth asking, go ahead and ask.

Best of luck in starting your new business endeavor.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Seymour Indiana
Well good luck and yes a lawn care buisness is probably the cheapest buisness you might start even if you need 50,000 to start up it is way cheaper then most any othe buisness to buy, the odds of needing 50,000 to start are slim way less Im sure but just dont get down if it takes a while to buid a good base of clients, as years go by and you provide a good service your clients will stay with you and it seems you add more each year also. I am sure you will do plenty of wishing that you did this or that different but its a learning process, If I could have all the money I spent on what I veiw know as silly things I would be sick however this sight might help you on controling that some.....Good Luck!

Fantasy Lawns

LawnSite Bronze Member
Space Coast
After working for others for way too long....being in control of your own business is the American Dream (even with the head ache's) Attitude is the first step ... with a positive outlook you will do great! As all ready said if you can buy NEW stuff do it! Find a Good Local Dealer ....Talk to them .....they know what's up.....and only get what you need to start with ...grow slowwlyy don't force success it will find you as long as you do GOOD Work .... word of mouth will help but YOU have to Promote yourself !! Get a good name you like .....get the professional cards & signage .....print some flyers ......do some door hanging .....put up signs ...and you have made the first positive step .....this site is killer for first hand info ;-)


LawnSite Fanatic
Memphis, TN
50,000 to start the business? What????

If someone needed 50 grand to get into this business, you would never see any scrubs.