Thinking of trading my 06 gasser for a 08 diesel...

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by nobagger, Nov 23, 2007.

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    Any one have a 08 Ford with the new 6.4L diesel? Hows the fuel mileage and hows the power? My 06 F250 has a 5.4L gasser, it does ok but in 3 years IMO that engine even with regular maint. is going to be tired. I wanted a diesel from the beginning but when I bought this one, there was no XLT's in white with a diesel anywhere around so I was stuck buying a gasser. Dont get me wrong, this truck is a great truck but we're pulling around 6-7k pounds almost every day or pushing snow. I plan on keeping this truck for quite awhile....any thoughts?
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    the power is unbelievable. it blows my 7.3L powerstroke away. ive had mine less than a week and im in the 14-15mpg range. i think its winter blend fuel now so its on the lower side plus the truck needs to break in a bit. i was in the same boat with you about buying a truck, but to make my 00 last longer i had to bite the bullet now. im keeping mine 10+ years too so the price tag spread out over 10 years doesnt look so bad. check out "thinking about an 08 f350" in "trucks and trailers" for pics and the deal i got on mine.

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