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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by tiedeman, Nov 2, 2005.

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    Ok, this kind of ties into four things; gas prices, lowballers, and friendly/quality service, loyalty.

    Ok, so lately we have been dealing with gas prices slowly dropping down. Last week they were $2.67, then dropped to $2.47, then today they dropped to $2.42, and then just about 15 mins ago I saw that one particular gas station had dropped to $2.37, while my regular gas station that I have always went to is only at $2.39.

    Now this $2.39 gas station I have always went there. I remember back when I was 5 and 6 years of age that it used to be full service, have a car wash, and did repairs as well. My father always went there when I was younger and always took me there, and over the years it slowly just turned into a gas station/party store as it is today.

    But over the years, I have always gone there, no place else even with his higher gas prices. His prices usually are always higher than the rest by about 2 cents per gallon of gas. But I never batted an eye at the price of paying extra for that gallon of gas. Perhaps because of loyalty to the owner, or just the fact that he gives friendly service and actually listens to your day and your problems. He has a free air station outside, lends gas cans or tools if needed, lets you use his phone, pretty nice guy.

    So this got me thinking tonight about lowerballers and prices. People always complain about lowerballers coming in and underbidding the work and taking jobs away. Perhaps, it isn't that they are underbidding the service, perhaps it's because we are not providing the friendly/quality service with our higher prices. Perhaps we are not going that extra mile for the customers to really justify our prices.

    Maybe we all should look at that gas station that I go to and ask, "Why does Troy go to that gas station to pay an extra 2 cents a gallon, when the one across the street is 2 cents cheaper?"
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    Maybe by providing customer satisfaction surveys once in a while to see where your customers stand with a companys services might be a quick indicator. I know it can get somewhat messy if you word these surveys wrong. But, with the right ??'s you may get some legit answers to the reasons they would terminate the LCO's services. Just my $.02


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