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So right now i am working for the family business (has nothing to do with lawn care) and am fed up with the family drama. I always enjoyed mowing and have thought about starting my own company for years. I have plenty of business management experience even though its not in the lawn industry. All things considered i have been lucky enough to excel at what i do currently and have a good deal of money saved up. My truck is paid for, have a nice enclosed trailer and enough money to buy whatever i need to get going. MY question is, if you could afford whatever you needed and were able to pay cash for everything would you do it? I know its not the simplest business to jump into and customers wont just fall into my lap. Im not the guy with money that just thinks stuff will come to me, i know i have to bust my a** and be thankful for every client i get. I understand that there is alot more to it then just getting out of the truck unloading and cutting grass. The first year will probably be slow but i should have enough money saved up already to last for a good amount of time to get me through the slow times. So i ask, Should I????


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Nobody on this site can answer the question of what's best for you.

That being said, this site is full of helpful information for getting started, dealing with customers, equipment decisions, and employee hassles. Not to mention advice for getting the job done the right way. I recommend using the search feature for helpful information; it has helped me in the past.

Thirdly, you have to ask yourself if you are getting into this business because it doesn't require a lot of money up front or skill? If you are, think again. If you're not willing to risk your life as you know it, make the hard decisions, and work around the clock on improving your strategy, business moves, and knowledge, then think again. I'm not trying to be a downer, but if you do this right, you can be very successful. If you're in it because you think it's easy, you're in for a surprise.

Lastly, welcome to Lawnsite. :waving: