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  1. Right, that's what I meant...GHP...yea, I think most management companies are a PITA or dirtbags.
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    This is one time their games back fired on them. After a few back and forth E mails this morning about Pictures and Full pest inspections reports they were now requiring, I called them on the phone. I simply told them I would Pick up my Rodent poison maces today and they could find someone else to hassle. Rodent Maces are about the only treatment I could take back and while it cost me money and time, I am a happy camper. I guess I am easy because I will write off a Bad deal in a NYC second. Life is too short to put up with BS.

    Maybe the next guy will be smarter and charge them a small fortune. I know they will stay away from the Big boys like Massey and be looking for another sucker like myself.

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    Emerald Coasting, judging by your screen name you and I work in the same area. I have plenty of experience with the company you mentioned. It is not a wise use of your client's money, as they could take the consultants salary and put it towards landscape improvements.

    However, once this company is involved you have to accept it as part of doing business. This particular consultant will try to solve most site issues with extra fertilizer, aerification and buzz words like "water balance". The monthly inspections rarely reflect the true condition of the property and are often a reflection of the consultants mood.

    The best advice I can give is don't ever argue with him and make sure that all items on the monthly inspection are completed by the next visit. Carry over items can kill your score. And if your score isnt high enough, you lose money from the client.
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    Who eats it when the problems aren't solved by this inspector and his buzz words?
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    Depends on the situation. We have a property that has no irrigation clocks. Over 60 homes, each with it's own battery operated valve. It's not our fault that this upscale community doesnt have a clock, but we are chided by the consultant for not managing proper "water balance". That is a tough task during the wet summer we had. We never lost money, but quite often lost points on the inspection.

    However, after a year of nudging and educating, the community just signed off on a two-wire timer system. And the consultant help push this along.

    So he can help in some ways, but hurt in others. He basically puts on a show once a month, makes you jump through some hoops, and guarantees the client that you are going to be putting in extra time on that property.

    Once you get used to doing business with him, you will be fine.
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    I have to disagree with most of you. I do a lot of work for a mgmt company and I have had nothing but good to say about them. I do 5 subdivisions all the L&O over 700000 sq feet I also do GHP on 165 houses for them. I send an invoice on the 1st of the month and that afternoon I pick up my check for the entire month to come. A great way to start the month off. I just signed new 2 year contract for 2013-2014 and bids on 2 more subdivisions. I get those and I will toss all my other L&O work. I was going to retire next year but I'm afraid we might have 4 more like the last 4.
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    My comments were not addressed towards management companies in general, but only toward the the specific company that Emerald Coasting mentioned. I will stand by comments about them.
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    Let's say it's a big company with a lot of red trucks.
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