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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GarPA, Mar 5, 2002.

  1. GarPA

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    ok...nowyou guys have made me dizzy...did all the searches here and still I'm fumbling...will be picking up the new hp52 next week. Dealer says stay with high lift blades that are on it..also bought the ultra vac for the few times I'll have to vac. Alot of you praise the double set up...then there's the gator blade issue..I don't know squat about the best option...heres what i do know..

    can double cut when needed without a major impact on my costs....have a farmer who will take all my clippings...a nice cut is my priority above all else

    so tell me the blade set up I should stay with overall...lets forget leaves for right now...thanks much
  2. mdb landscaping

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    i use the factory high lifts, and it stripes and cuts awesome. it all comes down to preference i guess. i was talking to my dealer the other week, and im thinking of getting an ultravac this fall. he says the best blade set up for the ultravac, is two high lifts and then a gator blade on the side of the impellar of the vac to chop it up a little more.
  3. awm

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    start out with issue equipment. with a new hp i think u
    gonna not worry about cut or anything as long as the blades are sharp.
    later when u are familar with your machine u can try doubles.
    this way u can get a better idea of the difference doubles make.
    i have a lazer and its the way to go for me .some prefer singles
    as i think it pulls their rpm dn. not suggesting it for u but im running 3750 no ld rpms with mobile i syn. good luck an later
  4. Premo Services

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    I have the lazer hp, and tried different blades. Last season, solid foil blades were discussed and I tried them. Soild foil blades are the ones without the "U" cut into them. They worked quite well, it seemed to have more power than with using the highlift blades.

    There are a lot of pros and cons with double blades and I have not used double blades, so when it is thick in the spring, I cut and then raise deck up higher and cut it the oppisite way to disperse clippings. Going the second direction does not take no time to do and it gives a great look to lawn.. Sometimes I might take backpack blower and blow the thick clippings around. I have never had to bag grass this way. Before the lazer, I had to bag grass and it was a mess. :cry:

    As for the ultra vac, I used the high lift blades-too much blow out from front of deck.
    I emailed eXmark and they suggested low lift blades. I tried them and they work great, no blow out from front of deck, and great sucking power.
    Good luck with your lazer, you will enjoy the lazer more and more after you start using it. :D

    mdb landscaping,I have not tried the two high lifts and gator at discharge, if you try it let us know how they work.
  5. TJLC

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    I have always used aftermarket hi-lifts on my Exmarks and have had very good luck with them, but I'm always interested to hear what other guys have used and the luck they have had.
  6. TLS

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    If this is a new 2002 Lazer HP, I believe that they are all shipping with the new solid foil Excalibur blades from the factory (according to the 2002 catalog). These are excellent blades, full length sharpened and will give you an excellent cut. Save the doubles for leaves, as Lazers dont "require" doubles as much as some other brands.

    One other thing, invest ($35-$40) in a Tiny Tach (or comparable) digital tach/hour meter. Its a real simple 5 minute install and all you need is good double sided tape. This will insure that your engine (Kaw or Kohler?) is running at optimal RPM's. Some come shipped a lot lower than 3600 RPM's. My old Dixie was around 3400 or so and it even came with a Tach :confused: . Id keep your RPM's around 3600 to 3650 for about 50 hrs, then you can crank them up a bit to 3700 or so. At that speed your Lazer will cut like a hot knife through butter :eek: .

    Take care, and Happy Mowing :D
  7. 65hoss

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    I guess I've tried about every blade combo on my HP. Doubles are ok, but don't do anything for it. Cuts just as good with 1 blade. Also with doubles you can see the rpm's don't run up as much. My other mowers it does help.

    I find that high lifts and gators work great during grass season. If you use the eXmark mulching system during grass season only the mulching blades will work. For leaves, gators on a HP can't be beat. Although, my mulching blades side discharging leaves do almost as good as the gators.

    As far as the ultra vac and blow out problems I've been testing an anti-blowout baffle for eXmark. Let me say, this thing is awesome. I can use any blade I want and no more blowout. It saved me tons of time doing leaves this season. It also works awesome with the mulch kit installed.

    Let me also say this about dealers, they may have good intentions, but most have no idea what works best. They never get out and do this work and things have changed lots in the last few years. They sell it and they work on it, but they don't use it.

    Oh, with the anti-blowout baffle, you still can't run doubles. Too much air. But you don't need them.

    I agree, get a Tiny Tach. I put them on all my equipment and it makes life really nice. You always know whats going on. Mine cost me $41 each.
  8. longviewlawncare

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    Hey TLS, where can i get a Tiny Tach? I would like to get one and out it on my Z-trac and see what it is doing. Thanks
  9. John Gamba

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    On My Exmark's Highlift In Regular condition's Gator Magnum's In Wet grass And wet Grass bagging. Get the blow out Preventer Baffel adout 30$. I Do mow In Bluegrass In connecticut.
    Hope This help's Johnny G. :cool: :cool:
  10. 1MajorTom

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    We got our tiny tachs at our local dealer. Cost was around $40.00 plus tax.

    Check with your local dealer first because if he sells them, then you won't have to pay shipping charges from ordering online or by catalog.
    Even if he doesn't have them on stock, I'm sure he should be able to order them.

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