This could fit into sevral past discussions.


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This one could fit into several past discussions.

I started out my day at the shop, doing a once over on the equipment. I found a flat tire on the Velke on one WB mower. No big deal. I stopped at the mower shop for a replacement tube, and since the tread was wearing thin, I opted for a new tyre as well.

My first job was at an auto body shop, so I figured I would do the repair there, saving a trip back to my shop. I went into the shop (The place where my only breakdowns occor, see post "That one yard"), and proceeded to mount the new tire. I got it completed in a relativly short amount of time, without too much trouble. BTW- I have had flats the last 4 weeks on this property, and this property alone.

I proceeded to start mowing. I was using a fixed deck machine with the front caster asssembaly held in place with a lynch pin. I went to lift the front end of the mower to go over a tree root, (the same as each week), and in a split second it happened.

The lynch pin was not in place, and when I lifted the deck, and the caster assembally fell down to the ground, as I was setting the mower deck back down. The caster assembaly then shot about 10 feet out of the front of the mower.

I stood there in shock for a minute, taking a second to realize what had happened. I managed to find all the caster spacer washers, but the lynch was nowhere to be found.

The wheel and caster were not damaged, nor were the blades bent. The spindle was still tight. The only damage was a shredded tyre.

I made a trip to another mower shop(a little closer to the jobsite) for another tyre. I got back to the body shop, mounted it, and was back mowing in a short time.

I mention this because I see how easy it can happen. Keep an eye on those casters!

BTW- This could have fit in "What have you hit, weird, gross, expensive..." or "That one yard where everything happens"


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I think I'd either drop that place, or sub it out for a small profit if possible & let someone else tear up their equipment.
Sounds like they built over an old Indian burial grounds :)