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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by zackvbra, Aug 14, 2014.

  1. zackvbra

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    Also, the 6 year old wasn't in school that day, they will check her attendance records also.
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  2. TPendagast

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    Dude, REALLY? you called child services?

    That's a cheap thing to do, no matter how weird the dude is.

    It was what the first week of august? Kids are in school where you are from 1st week of august?

    Also. Have you HEARD of home schooling?

    Additionally "the kid needed to go to the DOCTOR" so why we the kid have been In SCHOOL if there was a doctors appointment?

    Leave crazy people alone, the child wasn't in danger.

    Kids wander out into their own property and say odd things to strangers all the time. It's THEIR property/house!

    My kids used to tell every adult they every saw how hungry they were, some people got the idea that they were never fed (naturally thin looking kids)
    kids always asked for food in a weird oliver twist sort of way. Don't ask me why!
  3. OakNut

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    "Dude", did you even read the OP?
    Calling CYS has nothing to do with school/no school. Some "father" sent his six year old outside to ask the lawn guy to take her baby sister to the doctor.
    The guy didn't deny it - he got pissed because "dude" wouldn't take the baby. The six year old obviously didn't "make it up".

    THAT is some messed up situation worthy of being looked into.

    Here it is...

  4. zackvbra

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    I am worried about the children's safety. What if the pedophile plumber came and the guy asked him to take them to wherever, and he went and molested them. That's my concern. If he's willing to give them to me, he's willing to give them to anybody else. I don't care how drunk I am, I would never do that with my kid, so the guy has to be mentally unstable.
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  5. TPendagast

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    AS I said before, MY KIDS said they were very hungry and asked every adult they saw to feed them. Did that mean they were neglected? No.
    they were actually hunting for sweets, which we generally don't keep in the house (or chips)

    Dude could EASILY have said that he needed to take the kid to the hospital but couldn't , Kids 'interpretation' was "mr dad said could you take my sister to the hospital?" (for the adult "me too" is implied… kids don't translate implications)
    And what was meant was could you give US a ride to the hospital, but this a a 6 year old we are talking about.

    Kid walks back in and says, "that man said no"
    Which for whatever reason pissed off the guy. (maybe he's really stressed)

    Both adults weren't there for the full conversation, and have a 6 year old with limited perception/understanding of the situation as an intermediary.

    It sounds MUCH more like the customer comes up with a reason not to pay the contractor and the contractor calls CPS because of it.

    The child never left the property.

    Kids get nabbed from front yards all the time, Calling CPS because the kid is in the confines of their home property talking to adults is pretty dumb.

    Would you call CPS if the kid said dragons were threatening her?
    Would you be fearful for her safety?

    Kids live with drunk parents, and crazy parents every single day.
    Heck they even live with drug abusing ones.

    But that's that weird crazy thing we call freedom,
    Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness,
    Not my happiness, or your happiness, but HIS happiness and HIS life, based on how HE defines it for him and his family.

    What's good for him is not for you to judge.

    Bottom line, ANyone could get Cps called on them EVERYDAY, just because someone didn't agree with something they saw and took out of context.

    Knee Jerk CPS calls is the main reason adults can't properly discipline kids anymore and why the kids are out of control.

    Random citizens and their personal judgment.

    The kids NOT in any danger. She may have a crazy and/or drunk parent, but we can't go around taking kids from everyone we don't think should have them, or the only ones that would have them are state run facilities.

    Find another way to get revenge on the guy for not paying you, and leave his kid out of it.
  6. zackvbra

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    No revenge. I don't even care about the money anymore. I feel obligated to apprise the proper authorities of this situation. And in my opinion, the kids could be in grave danger because of the father. I was there, and I don't believe he had intentions to go with me, or he would've said, take me and my daughters to the doctors office. And I've talked with him before, and he's never acted like this before, and that look in his eyes and the tone of his voice and body language was not normal at all, I believe he went off the deep end. I wouldn't have done it anyway if he went too, unless it's an emergency, it's not my responsibility.
    Cps will most likely not take them away, unless there are physical signs of abuse, which I do not suspect at all.
    This will most likely open his eyes a little. What if I was a pedo? What if I was a murderer? There are crazy people in this world and you cannot trust anyone.
    I wouldn't trust my guy with my kid that comes to the house every month to spray for bugs.
    You cannot be too careful these days.
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  7. StanWilhite

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    Don't let anyone try to make you question what you did. I'm the first one that mentioned CPS anyway, you didn't.

    Any self respecting father would completely agree with you. If any father in his right mind doesn't, I sure as hell don't have any respect for them.
  8. Ditta&Sons

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    cps has their own agenda, they sell children for a living...........
  9. mowisme

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    I don't know if it is right or wrong.. But I would have done the same as op.. or at least not look away. Heard too many times of 'family' aquaintences, gardeners, ect of sort molesting or even killing Children. It is a differant world than when I was a child. I'd hate to be the one who walked away and the child is in the news month later. As far as the Dr appointment- Boy would you be setting yourself up for a lawsuit if child was hurt in accident. ya- you got insurance but it could get really nasty if the 'unstable' guy made accusations and/or lies. If Child had a 'non-emergency' appointment and father couldn't get her their- then he could have re-scheduled it or taken a bus with his child. If he can afford lawn service he should have bus money. Maybe he'd ask for lift to bus station and offer to pay for time would be better than what he set his daughter up too. I personally think you did good- now after thinking on this.. I'd not return- take the loss and never step foot back there for any reason or excuse he might have. just my opinion.
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  10. herler

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    The fact you just admitted to drinking heavily isn't exactly lending credibility to your story.
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