This ever happened to any of you?

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  1. 75

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    Interesting mobile welding job for me recently: Early '80's F250 4x4 (Twin I beam) with the box section surrounding the driver side front axleshaft cracked up both sides and across the bottom, about an inch from the pumpkin. Lie down on floor of customer's (unheated) garage, vee out the cracks, weld everything up, plate the bottom for reinforcing (couldn't do the sides due to the axle U-bolts) and stitch that on. Truck carries a Meyer straight blade. (8 foot) Has anyone ever experienced something like this, or was this just a fluke? (I don't know if he hit something - if he did he wasn't saying!)

    1975 GMC C-35
  2. GeoffDiamond

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    Never had it happen to me. However I have heard about this type of failure. Failure is generally due to axel overload or abuse. However the age of the truck may have been a factor.

  3. John DiMartino

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    We just had a 97 F250Hd in the shop,same thing.cant find a used axle anywhere-salvage yards say the trucks that plow rough break-em sooner or later,and cant get em.Well this guy's bill was about 3800 when he was done.The stamped axle was 800 from Ford,all new ball joints,both side,U-joints,when the driver's side wheel stuck up in the fender well,the axle shaft snapped the front differentail carrier,wiped out the spider gears,and everything inside the differentail except the ring and pinion.this truck was mint and had 56K on it,it was a an xl with plow prep,and a 351/auto.It had an 8 ft Fisher minute mount.If I had a Ford TTB,and plowed,Id chech the weak area every oil change,if it actually bends like this one did,it gets$$ real fast.I thought it was Ironic that Ford admitted no problems with them-yet the new one was an updated,reinforced stamping.
  4. CT18fireman

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    When I had my 250 the Axle did the same thing. I took the opprotunity to replace it with a straight axle from a 350. Bolted right up only had to play with the steering a bit. Sold the truck the next year but the guy who bought it has had no problems.
  5. John DiMartino

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    I suggested the Dana 60 to the owner also,but we at the shop didnt know the details of the swap,and didnt want to get into a swap.I couldnt find a 350 axle either here,I had them check when they lookd for a F250 axle.
  6. wyldman

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    It's a well known problem with the ford twin traction beam setup.They can be welded,by a good shop.Ford released a bulletin,stating loose bolts on the diff as the cause.They may seem tight if you try and turn them,but are held in by locktite.They have to be REAL tight,with red loctite.All it takes is for them to lose tension.The bolts are located on the drivers side of the housing,just behind the axle seal,and they bolt the pumpkin,to the I beam.I always use new bolts from ford,just in case.Check the manual for exact torque specs.
  7. plowking35

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    Ford has put in writing what is wrong with all their trucks.
    It is easy to idenitfy the probelm area, its surrounded by a blue oval.
  8. 75

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    Dino, I laughed so hard when I saw your post I just about tipped my chair over. I have a good friend (with an '81 F150, of course) who has just GOT to see that!
  9. Plowboy

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    As a loyal ford patch and repatcher, I do commmend them for circling the problem with that little blue oval.

  10. Mike Nelson

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    I think your BowTie is to tight and choking you all!!!:D

    Don't make me pull your Chevy all over town with my Stroker.:eek:

    You Chevy guys are really getting muscles over this new diesel they are putting out.Well lets see how they hold up first!

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