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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by CAPT Stream Rotar, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. CAPT Stream Rotar

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    who install irrigation differently, and with different products...

    This is not a FLAME CONTEST..or a WHO CAN GET MORE OF A REACTION OUT OF FORUM...Its a place where we should discuss why/how/when/ we vary in installation....So we,Homeowners alike, can learn from it....

    I am a nice guy and don't get mouthy with someone who shows me the same respect....I don't care if you have been doing irrigation since your were in your mothers belly..Please have a nice attitude....Be respectful and you will get the same treatment in return....

    Remember is to short to argue over a marlex funny L...




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    Rotar I'll be glad when you are out on your own. Take some good accounting classes and save your money.Ayn Rand is a great read. My favorite series of books to recommend to a young entreupeneur is the C. S. Forester Horatio Hornblower series. It gives a lot of lessons in decision making and the trade offs we make as leaders. I think when you look at this stuff from the perspective of a business owner you'll see a very different picture of us.
  3. lehrjetmx

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    Saddles vs tee's how that one!!!!! We like saddles less work easier to install and takes shorter amount of time. And as I read on this site t=m. Whats everyone else think????
  4. Wet_Boots

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    Saddle tees can be a long-term headache, as a point of failure, if installed on poly pipe that gets stretched during the install.
  5. gusbuster

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    You're asking to play nice, then you yourself need to recognize what started any animosity.

    For example, I remember you made some kind of comment that people that work with PVC blows and people who work with PVC don't know irrigation and were crazy, something to that effect. You also said us west coasters don't do irrigation right. All that was said in your first few post.

    Look, not looking for a pissing match, but if you're going to play with fire, be prepared to feel the heat. Some of us can be nice and respectable, but don't piss off people by taking an attitude of I know everything, as sometimes that is how your post come across.

    Like i said, not looking for a pissing match, but just taking the time to give somebody else's perspective on how you come across sometimes in your post.

  6. Focal Point Landscapes

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    Well said Gusbuster
  7. Rainman7

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    Saddles,funny pipe and funny els cost within pennies of a tee,poly,elbow and nipple. As far a speed goes, once the hole is dug, all fitting for that head is done in less than 30 seconds. What are saddles? 20 seconds? Advantage?????

    Back to the first part....the trench. When the job is done I know the trench to the head was the proper depth because the head is set properly. What about funny pipe. Most of the time when we are working on a system and looking for the source of the funny pipe all thats required is pulling up the head and ripping it up through the sod or mulch. IMO funny pipe is a lazy mans product and should only be used when necessary.

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