This guy calls me to trim some palms...

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by FLAhaulboy, Jul 11, 2011.

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    Plush neighborhood, 200+K homes. Guy called me to come trim bout 10 palm trees, take lower fronds off, cut off the fruit stems, Extension ladder work involved here, using a Stihl Kombi with (2) extensions, chainsaw attachment. Going to be a huge mess to haul away. So, I get there but he isn't home, I call his cell to discuss price, quote him the hourly rate+ $135 to haul the debris away, somewhere in the $450 price range. He said that was too high and he wasn't going to pay that amount. I said, okay then, goodbye. I figured he was a cheapskate and no way was I going to do that kind of work cheap. Really immaculate home and yard, pool with a fountain, spiral staircase in back to upward deck, big stone patio with a gas fireplace. Looks like he poured lots of $ into the property but wants to hire cheap labor to trim his palms, not me! :laugh: I doubt he is going to find anyone else who will do it cheaper:waving:
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    The going rate in my area for triming Palms is about $ 25 each especially when there are 10 trees. As a Former Certified Arbortist who drop the Cert, it is my Humble opinion. Pole saws can't do a good job of triming palms and debooting them. I sure am not going to pay $ 45 each for a guy to stand on the ground and butcher my trees with a Power Pole Saw. But that is just my humble opinion. Apparently it is the same opinion of the guy you tried to over charge in Mine and his opinion.
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    I have red neck looking guys come to my house looking to trim my trees dirt cheap. They did my neighbors for $35. Trimmed up trees and took off to get beer. Different ones show up throughout the month. They are cheap and these guys are a dime a dozen these days. Anyone with a truck and saw are out to make money. Or shall I say little money. If they get beer they are happy.
  4. FLAhaulboy

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    "it is my Humble opinion. Pole saws can't do a good job of triming palms and debooting them."

    The Stihl pole saw does an excellent job when used to trim fronds, doesn't butcher or cause splitting. A nice clean cut.
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    How do you know they were going to get beer?????????????????????
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    We got our fair share here. Reeking of booze or stoned. I was trimming my palms one saturday and a guy came by and told me he would cut 6 palms for 20 a piece.
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    Got as many of them as lco's around here. All the same. Old pickup, extension ladder hanging 10' off the back. "Tree service" stenciled on the door with overspray effect. Then you see them a few hours later, bed heaped 10' ft high, dropping scraps along the way. Probably to dump at a dead end somewhere. Pity the h.o. that hires an unlicensed tree guy that falls with a running saw and no insurance.
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  8. Agree 100%. Sorry, but $45/tree is overpriced. The guy isn't a cheapskate, he doesn't want to overpay for a job that can be done great for $25/palm. Even if it a messy queen or coconut, I will charge $30-$35/tree. Plus, you aren't even doing the job properly like Ric said. To properly do palms you need to get on a ladder and use a hand saw to selectively remove fruit stalks that haven't emerged. You are way overpriced after reading your hourly rate is $85/hour. People aren't cheapskates bc they won't pay those prices.
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  9. I'm sorry I didn't mean to sound like a jerk, but I think you need to look at what others are charging and see what is a good rate. Not that you should charge what others are, but guys in my area charge 12-15/palm, and these are legit tree companies...
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    If you're getting $45 a palm they must be really dirty or you're a great salesman and I want to work for you! For $45 a palm I'd want a certified arborist himself pruning that palm, with a chainsaw. There are some nice pole saws out there but nothing beats a clean chainsaw cut. :rolleyes:

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