-This guy is taking our business, and others too!-

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Eddie B, Apr 14, 2005.

  1. Eddie B

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    I was out mowing yesterday, another LCO that I see a lot was also mowing in the same neighborhood, and we each have 5-6 accounts in this neighborhood. We always wave, smile, and go about our busniess. We never talk. I've lost 4 accounts in this neighborhood to someone charging lower prices. I knew it wasn't this guy, because we both run 48" WB's in this area that stripe quite nicely. We both happen to run on the same day every week in this neighborhood, and while we were mowing and going about our business, an older guy pulls up in a dodge ram with a push mower, trimmer, and a gas can in the back. He has a magnetic sign on the side of his truck, and it says "Most lawns cut $25" and it has his phone number and business license number on it. I knew right away, this guy must be the one. Sure enough he mows one of my old lawns, and mows another lawn that the other LCO used to mow. This dude was moving quick, nothing but him and his homeowners front wheel drive toro. I spoke with the other LCO while we were out there, and we're both dumbfounded. We don't know what to do, this guy is licensed, and legit, but he's pulling in front of lawns that WE MOW and he has the price of $25 slapped to the side of his truck. Our prices range anywhere from $30-$45+ in this area. What the heck? I think i'm in the wrong business. I can't imagine trying to own a house and support a family with this sort of stuff going on. I see on here that this crap is happening to a lot of us. Grrrrrrrrrrrr. :angry:
  2. scraper69

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    its everywhere...... i am losing tons due to cheaper prices, This is one of the worst years so far to be in lawn service.
  3. eshreve1234

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    Sorry for your loss, but is this not part of the game? I did not lose one account from last year to this one, and have picked up several more. I think people are tired around here of little Timmy and his mower showing up whenever. But then again, most of the lawns in my area are at least 1/2 acre and maybe we don't have enough guys with 21" mowers willing to do that much grass. As its been said 1,000 times on this site, do quality work, establish a relationship with your clients, and charge a fair price you will be fine.
  4. Mo Green

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    I'm not saying that I agree with his practices, but it sounds like he has found a way to work with very low overhead, and can charge less for the work. If he only has one 21" push mower, a string trimmer, and a blower, his costs are extremely low. Also, he is using a truck bed to hual his stuff in. No trailer to purchase, maintain, or pull. That being said, these things do not mean that he is not legit. There are no equipment requirement to obtain a business license.

    Again, I'm not defending this guy or condoning his practices. Just an observation.
  5. marko

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    Says it all! If you have a new truck, trailer, 48", etc, etc, etc, and this guy has an old truck, and $600 in equipment, of course he can mow it cheaper. You dont know if he has insurance, workmans comp, etc. There are many, many homeowners that just want the grass cut. They could care less about stripes, ztr's, or the age of your truck!
  6. Toy2

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    Maybe his proceeds go to funding family outings/vacations, kids activites/sports........that's what it said on a flier I got yesterday...go figure..
  7. Cut

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    A charity mower?
  8. A Finer Cut

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    I am fortunate enough to have loving, supporting parents that allow me to run my business from their house (I live in a neighborhood with a HOA and can't run out of my house)....Hence.....I have a lower overhead than the guys that have to rent a storage lot/shed/unit/warehouse. My prices reflect this, somewhat. But then again, Im not just looking for a lil extra vacation $$$.

    Personally, I don't have a problem with what he charges. He found a more economical way to do what we do. Now what I do have a problem with is him going to your customers and taking them. Essentially he is stealing from your advertising, not doing his own. Yes it is legal, but it is not moral. I wouldn't be able to sleep well at night. There are 4 LCO ran out of my parents neighborhood and we have all worked in harmony with one another for years. (Well me for two years, but I worked for one of them before I was on my own). Cuts in my neighborhood run for $50-60 ($40-45) for next-door neighbors (Cant justify budgeting gas prices into a lawn when I could literally spit on it from where my trailer sita at night) and we DO NOT take lawns from eachother. Yes, we could obviously still make a profit by cutting cheaper and no we do not fix prices, but if we started a bidding war....well lets just say things would get ugly.

    - - Just my 2 cents
  9. procut

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    I know, theres really nothing we can do about it. For example, I have notices these signs showing up stapled to telelphone poles all over town. Very messy handwriting on hot pink paper. They read, "Really Cheap Lawn Care" and a phone number. Drives me crazy.
  10. Jeff@SGLC.ca

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    I was out quoting a clean up today and went to put the quote in the mailbox...bid high cause it was a pain job. Anywho....I'll probably get beat out by "dave" who does $25 lawn aerations lol.

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