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    Got out the door the last week of March in Ohio. Was able to spray tons of broadleaves the first round and felt like I was ahead of the game since the early guys weren't spraying. Round two was a custom blended product that was loaded with micro's and organics. It was bone dry by then and all the lawns were suffering drought stress. Half way through round three people started getting enough irrigation down but lawns were beat and any bent or poa was just about toast. Saw plenty of weeds in lawns getting enough water. By then end of round three we had rain that popped even more weeds and drove disease outbreaks and thinning in shaded area's. Crab control failed in many area's because I don't think it ever got watered in. I grew a bunch this past winter but many of the lawns were crap and full of weeds and bentgrass. Those customers wanted miracles I guess and I dealt with a few complaints. This year sucked! Mostly new customer problems.

    Anyone concur?
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    Not exactly the same here, but overall, yes same dang quagmire.
    Drought and its effects reeking havoc on lawns
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    Thanks for the reply. I had my big problems in the new lawns I took on that hadn't had proper care in the past. Some the lawns I was able to look at at quoting time and I was able to point out big patches of poa or bent and I made comments that these could cause problems at some this year. People don't know and they expect complete improvement because they are now paying someone to do this stuff. The first part of this year was about getting the plant to survive the heat and drought stress so we lost a few months of a "growing season". I didn't get that many complaints and when I did I had my ducks in a row but it was pure stress. Most of my lawns are irrigated but it took until July for most people to figure out that an hour of water a week wasn't cutting it. Some just gave up. One lawn was distressed when I took it on in May and full of weeds and never greened up. The front is dead and she is blaming me. I gave her 100.00 for the two treatments back to her but she is still causing problems. It's been a really lousy year taking care of living tissue subject to mother natures wrath.
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    More fun today. I get home to mow the lawn and find pythium in front and on the putting green due to 5 days of soupy tropical air. Luckily I had Pillar G in the van. This has been one crappy growing season.................
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    I'm glad it's not just me! Failure of Dimension because little rain in spring is causing big problems now. This year started with bumper crop of Chickweed and Bittercress because of the warm winter. Adjust and move on. Should be plenty of customers up for grabs next year!
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    I always use barricade but this year I switched because of the crazy spring. Should have used it on the second like everyone recommends with dimension. I know I'll have a few customers up for someone else next year. Their lawns have lots of blighted, patchy bentgrass in them. I tried to remain patient in my explanation to a few customers that complained. One caught me as I was finishing her app and told me her lawn looked the worse it has ever looked. I just looked at her and asked if she was paying attention to the weather like a smartass. I then backed down and told her that she wasn't watering enough for the bentgrass that has taken over her lawn and was dying in the heat. I also told her that the whole neighborhood was being nailed by red thread and it could be treated for 100.00. I took her to the area's that were getting shade and had real turfgrass and showed her how nice and green and thick it was. She let me turn up her controller and add a few days. You can't perform miracles to crap lawns this year in a couple applications. I told her she needed a new lawn if she was ever going to have a nice one. She fired me just a few weeks ago. I had one tell me that I'm the worst guy in the business because I miss spots putting fertilizer down. I laughed at him and said that I used to fertilize entire golf courses without missing spots and the reason those spots were toast was because he needed his irrigation tuned up and heads weren't turning.....what a moron! He called the irrigation dept and they fixed all his irrigation problems and the spots went away. Another typical new customer this year. They quit paying someone years ago because the big guys suck and hand me their miserable lawns on the worst year in quite a few. It wasn't fun!
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    N-Green...yeppers on the lack of rain for the dimension app. We had little pockets of rain in the spring and I had failure in several new customer lawns. My old lawns did well as far as weeds go. The new ones like 6 counties of Walgreens lawns.....freaking nightmare!!!
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    Good point about possible new customers. I know I may a lose some but other companies have had the same tough challenges as we have.
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