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Walla Walla, WA
Just did an estimate for a old lady and when I she came to the door she told me that she had a guy doing it but he died! That was the first time that has ever happened.

After I told her the price she almost died too. The guy that was doing it charged her $7 and my quote was for $24 (About half of that cost is drive time...she lives about 10 minutes out of my way.)
Then she tried to get me to feel sorry for her by telling me how she was living on social security, and her health insurance company just dropped her, etc. I did feel sorry for her, but I wasn't about to drop my price!


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Tontitown, AR
Yeah, the poor scrub probably died because he didn't have a dime for either health care insurance or a visit to the Dr. But try to explain to some of these customers that the guy wasn't even making a living and they will just think you are a liar, and greedy to boot!

I've followed plenty of these lowballers, mostly it takes a year or 2 for one of their customers to get reconciled to the fact that what they previously paid for lawn care probably ain't never gone happen agin!

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I hope none of us ever fall on hard times or get old. I would hate to be in the situation that lady is. I am realistic but sympathetic. I might not be able to mow for her, but i would try like heck to find soneone to help her.


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That's what I hear every day here. I can't believe how cheap some people really are. However, take into account that most aging people are a product of the industrial revolution which unfortunately imbedded alot of "employee mindset" into people. So most people today in this country think that they can get something for nothing.


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Edwardsville IL
I usually have the opposite problem, the "little old lady" that is on a fixed income and is always complaining about barely getting by is almost always the first to pay me. Its the guy with a pretty nice home and a brand new BMW sports car that wants me to lower my bid $10 on a $35 bid because thats just too much for him to pay that really gets me going:angry: I just tell them thats below my minimum and walk away, not worth my time and trouble to explain. Just my 2cnts worth, Marc


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Sure, you have to feel for the oldies, and we all will be the same one day, and with life's little happenings some of us will be better off than others health and financially...

Sympathy is fine, but business is business, you have to do what you do to live, workin for kicks for oldies won't help you. We aren't scrubs, we target commercial and the paying end of the residential economy and to do our quality we run expensive gear etc, right. Retiries, pensioners etc, i.e scrubs are the folk to work for the oldies, their services are basic, they are much cheaper usually and workmanship requirements may not be as high, and they want under the table money, where we don't.

I'm saying there is more than one market, also there is more than one category of lawn service opperators.

If the old girl was nice, I would put some effort into finding a cheap service for here, if nothing else you will feel good inside.

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