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Orkin Yards

LawnSite Senior Member
Jackson, MS
ok after yesterday's posting the change from 30 weight to 40 weight oil fixed the problem, the 36 started first pull after the oil change...well now after a good cold night it won't start...its hard as hell to pull and just kinda laughs at me...how do i get it running?!? and then my 48 runs perfect but when i try to engage the blades it dies...so i took one of my blades off each spindle (been running doubles for 2 seasons) and it starts to engage and then it starts to die and if i turn them off it keeps runngin....with out any blades they will run, but that doesn't cut it...what is wrong!!!! i'm suppose to be mowing by now and this is my second day off b/c of problems....


LawnSite Senior Member
Columbus Ga
First ... cover the engine over night with a blaket and a tarp this should keep it warm.....pull the spark plug ....is it black ...if so choke adjust the choke until it gets warm...then put it back to normal...if the plug is wet from fuel then your still flooding.... drop the bowl off the carb clean out the trash.. you do not have to remove the carb for this........the air screw on the carb that you played with reset it... turn it all the way in , but not tight.... then back it off 2.5 turns ... crank it fine tun it and go to work......hope this helps.


LawnSite Member
If none of the other advise has helped yet!!
I had trbl sim. to yours after beating my head against my shop wall for 3 days, I Pulled the carb off, removed the bowl, located every hole inside the carb I could find, took carb cleaner with little tube inserted and BACKFLUSHED all holes. not sure but I believe you should spray from inside out,WHY?? cuz if it got stuck going in it will be easier to blow back rather than through.
Mine ran great after this.
BIG P.S ALWAYS clean air cleaner!!!!!!!!!!!!


LawnSite Senior Member
Follow the advice of the others about the carb. problem. Your other mower shutting off when engaging is a safety switch problem, sounds like. Check the connections. On my exmark i can unplug the white wire on the motor and it disables all the switches to make sure this is the problem. Put them back and fix them though!


LawnSite Member
40 Wt. oil is thicker than 30 wt. oil. The colder the temp the thicker the oil gets. Try a 5W30 Wt. oil that will make it start easier in cold weather.

If it ran alright after you changed the oil it's probably not a carb problem.

And 1 question are you letting the engine warm up before engaging the mower deck.

Richard Martin

LawnSite Fanatic
Greenville, NC
Now that both machines are having problems (you said the bigger mower won't run unless you take the blades off the machine) it is beginning to sound like a bad gas situation since both machines are having problems. Remove all the gas from the tank of the bigger mower, remove the gas lines and blow them out, replace the fuel filter, drain the fuel from the carb and then put clean, fresh gas that you buy from a name brand gas station in it. Put the blades back on the mower and see if it's fixed. If this fixes the problem then do the same thing to your 36" mower.