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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by cessnasovereign, Jun 2, 2006.

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    8500 sq. ft. of beds, nothing previously there so it's not like I'm just covering the old mulch so I figured for 170 sq ft. per yard equalling 50 yards for a grand total of $1980 installed, I gave what seemed to me to be a pretty damn good discount and only charging about $22 per yard for installation, when normally for just a couple yards I charge between $50 and $75 installed for double hammered mulch I get for $17 per yard. Anyway, the customer was like "wow! :dizzy: "

    But that seems like a good price to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyway, my question really is how many yards would an average dump truck hold? They said they were thinking about getting a load from the city for $100 per load so I told them that the mulch the city sells is junk basically, I mean it's good for some applications like under pine needles maybe but not for decorating a house that has a golf course in the back yard!

    So how many yards fit in a dump?
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    No offense but you I'd stop wasting time with them, all they want is something for nothing so you should let them call someone else or let them order their recycled stuff which is what our county does too, it is a very poor quality mulch (but it is free of cost), and let them feel the love of spreading 50+ cubes their own selves. If you can cover that area with 50 cubes, most people spread mulch way thicker than that, it takes practice to spread 1-2 inches thick and it's no joke to do it, either... But then, neither is spreading 80-100 cubes 3-4 inches thick, which is how most people who don't spread mulch regularly would do it.

    50 cubes for right under 2k is a really good price, that's what the blower truck in my area charges and they're the cheapest. Of course, the blower truck can spread it real thin, so 25 cubes would likely be enough at 1,000 dollars but they also got a backup log of 60-90 days minimum, so call them today and wait until August or thereabouts.

    I probably could've done it with 42 cubes but that's still around 1,900 dollars and if 2k is too much, then so is 1900 that much I do know. That, and I'm not really in the mood to spread 40-odd yards that thin, I'll do it with smaller orders (like 3-4 cubes, yes literally). Technically speaking, we're talking at least 4 days of work, that's 5 cubes in the morning and 5 in the afternoon, nevermind the temps here are hovering in the low 90's. You can try spreading more than 10 cubes / day per man, but ...

    Unless you miss-calculated the area... 50 cubes just sounds like an awful lot, but I've had a residential lot was 20+ so on a large lot it may not be that unusual.
    As for the holding capacity... Who knows, depends on the size of the bed for one, 10 yards for sure, probably closer to 20-40 I think, not really sure but I wouldn't fret too much more over this.
  3. Dirty Water

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    Cessna: A regular tandem axle dump truck will hold 10 yards. However, you can get trucks that hold as much as 30-40 yards. Depends on what the client says is a "load".
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    Most dump truck loads of good quality triple shredded are 17 cubic yards (I have eight of those delivered this week) and a tractor trailer load is 75 yards (I had two of these delivered last week) and no offense and I realize that you are brand new to this business but you are crazy as a loon if you offered mulch and installation for $39 a yard in NC.
  5. cwlawley

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    I've done some bigger jobs for $39 a sq yard, but normal price is $45-50.
  6. 6'7 330

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    Lord , id quit and go out of business at 39$ installed .
  7. cessnasovereign

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    What's so crazy about it? That's $22 a yard profit for install or $1100 for the job, when you can put out a yard in about 20 minutes and this is easy, no fences around the yard but the yard is bordered in natural area so it's not like I would be wheel barrowing it out there. And yes I normally charge $50-75 a yard installed, but you gotta give some discounts for quantity!
    So 16 hours of labor by yourself, but with a helper at 7 bucks an hour equals half the time, so 8 hours, pay your guy his $56 and come home with $1,054 which is $131.75 an hour for yourself. I don't know about you guys but I'd say $131.75 an hour is pretty damn good!
  8. cessnasovereign

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    I too thought I might have miscalculated but I re-measured it. I used a tape measure one time and then a measuring wheel the next time and got right about the same. The lot is probably 17,000 SQ FT. but the whole side yards are natural areas, in front of the house, in the back and a nice probably 5 foot wide border completely around the edge of the property that widens to about 25 feet in some spots. And half the front yard is natural area, so it is alot and I did explain to them that it is low quality mulch. I mean I'm not worrying about it and in fact when I got out there and met them and saw how much natural area, before I even measured I contemplated just leaving because they didn't really seem like the type of drop $2k on mulch though the house is nice and on a golf course.. Who knows, I don't really care.. But damn every one of my customers is poor :laugh: I'll go to a house that's really nice and then they tell me how broke they are :hammerhead: and no I don't give discounts for anything else.
  9. kc2006

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    minus insurance, minus fuel to get there, minus any machinery costs, minus tax, minus workers comp and all that. Or don't you have a cost of doing business?

    I wish I didn't have any costs and could make 100% profit on everything.
  10. cessnasovereign

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    Well yes I have costs, but that was just a figure that still will be pretty close to net. When you pay insurance up front for the year and all your equipment is paid for, I don't figure in those costs.

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