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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by striper26, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. striper26

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    Yo! I'm new to the site, so I was just wondering if anyone has had a problem with the John Deere JS20? I bought this mower last year as a backup and recently it has started giving me problems, It will mow one yard and then I can put it on the trailer and move to the next yard and it won't start! this is driving me nuts! I guess I'm going to dig into it since the back log at the local shop is 4-6 weeks!:dizzy::dizzy:
  2. bohiaa

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    Dont know if this is your issue. BUT a few years back they stopped using Points in the engines, there Now using a electronic device in the coil....

    this is ok except for 1 issue. the modgule will get hot and it will not produce enoulf spark to start the engine... you can replace the coil and the same thing will happen in a few short weeks.....

    Good luck
  3. hockeypro1411

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    i have a JS30 with the electric start and so far no problems. ill keep this in mind though
  4. jkason

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    It could be from bouncing around, the fuel is flooding the carb when you drive.
  5. XterraJohn

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    For the longest time my 20 year old JD mower would mow half of one yard then start sputtering and shutdown. Then it wouldn't restart until it was good and ready. I figured that it was just because it was 20 years old and maybe the block was warped or something.

    Turns out the rubber gasket in the gas cap had flattened out and wasn't allowing fresh air into the tank. After a few minutes of mowing, a vacuum would form and starve the engine for fuel.

    I cleaned the carb out, put a new gas cap on it, and now I have a 20 year old JD 21" that starts on the first or second pull and can cut an entire yard without shutting off for no apparent reason.

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