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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by joshua, Apr 15, 2001.

  1. joshua

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    i went today to bid on a landscaping job, i woould have to prun 3 dogwoods, and 20 other shrubs (all different), more or less small over grown shrubs, clean out all the beds, and lay down 12 yards of double shreded black mulch. about 2 hours to clean the beds, 2 hours to trim everything up and re-edge the the beds, the lay the mulch.
    i was looking at $70 for the clean-up
    $70 for trimming and edging
    $40 for every yard to install the mulch
    $30 to dump the leafs and clipings
    total is $950

    i told the lady this and she says to me that last year she didn't have this done(it was very obvious) but the year before she had a guy do all the same work for $250, and that my price was high. when she told me that i told her that i couldn't even get the mulch or that much money that mulch alone would be $370.
    how the heck do you charge someone $250 for all that work? granted i'm only 18 but i would do that job i would lose around $200 for mulch and to pay my helper. who ever this guy is obviously most of switched occupation, or i hope he did because he lost more money on that job than i did all of last year than paying for my helper's lunch every other day.
    people like him is a true scub that give all of us a bad name and drive down the prices to nothing. sorry for the long post, but i hope you guys get a laugh at of what someone would do for work. oh wait i what someone would pay someone (bascally) to do a job.
  2. Ocutter

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    Kid- I know where youre coming from. Had a guy last week ask me to give him a bid for the same. He has a wooded lot with 4-6" of matted leaves, a rotten lawn, red mulch, yet decent shrubs. Bid 625.00 for it and he balked. He also said "when you cut you fert too right?" I laughed and said no, on page two you'll see the prices for the programs. "What THATS EXTRA!" Yes sir. "My last guy added that into the lawn cut which he did for $25. (I bid $32). Turns out his last guy of 12 yrs just up and quit on him. I wonder why? Oh yes, he wanted me to trim the trees when I cut each time too. Dropped him right there.
  3. cos

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    I get that ALL the time. Well the other guy charged $***. I almost want to say, "then why in the hell ae you calling me?"
  4. Charles

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    The problem is that there is an endless cycle of the lowballing dont know how to run a business types who get into lawncare every year. 1 drops out 10 replaces him the next year.
  5. little green guy

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    I bid on a job about two weeks ago, a retaining wall and patio, I bid 17 grand and got underbid by 4 grand. I don't know what some of these guys think about I wasn't even making a killing on the job.

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