This is gonna be a long one... Sorry in advance, I've got no one else to ask.

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    I can understand how you can be torn up about this. There are no guarantees when it comes to business. You may not start out making 600 dollars every two weeks or maybe you will. I think it depends on how much you put into making your business work. Are you really ready to put in the work because if you are you can make 600 a wk easy if you are willing to work for it? If you got to a job from 6 - 2, 5 days a week 9 times out of 10 that will take half of your sunlight to work and find new customer and marketing time plus it will drain half of your energy. Not to mention the time it takes to commute daily!!! The money you spend driving to and from work. If this is what you want to do with your life then do it starting off to make 600 every two weeks like your job. Then take the rest of your time to grow your business. The key thing I have learned about business is “THE IMPORTANCE OF TIME MANAGMENT”!!!! Maximize every moment in your day so that it will work for you. As for your benefits at your job, if it doesn't put money in your pocket or help your grow your business it’s not worth it. If you put the right time in your business you will meet many, many MANY, more contacts that will be able to help you with the things you need help with. I hope this helps thanks!!!
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    I'd stay at the golf course for this season. This drought doesn't look to be improving, mowing income this year will probably be pretty lean. You could mow half a dozen lawns after work every day. Plus the free food and other perks sound too good to give up for 12 lawns to mow. I know a guy that mows 30 a week or more and works swing shift, like 60 plus hours a week. I'd get 1 last year at the golf course and go full time on lawns next year.
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    Take it a day at a time. Start doing both. If business really takes off then leave the golf course. Just dont bite off more clients than you can handle. We mow 4 days a week, and with my help we can get all the accounts done in 3 long days. I only mow 4 days so we can leave time for rain make ups and side work like installs and stuff.
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    Thanks guys, I really appreciate all the advice. I'm still not sure what I'm going to do. I don't want to hold back the business in any way but at the same time I feel like I could handle both. Even if I had triple the amount of clients I feel like I'd still have the time. So many days last year we got off early. Sometimes we'd go in, cut the greens or spin the bunkers and he'd tell us we could go home or play golf if we wanted. Gosh I just don't know. Something is just telling me to go back. Every day I switch back and forth on what I should do.
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    i just had a few mowing accounts and had customers who i did lawn care applications for.. it was really hardly enough to break even with paying for insurance, and other expenses. I could never take on the jobs i have been taking on the past month or so if i was still at that night job, there was hardly anytime to do estimates and the work i had after 12 hour night shifts and when i'd go get my trailer and go to work it was like i was working in a dream.. totally not safe. it was far easier when i worked for trugreen and clocked out at 4pm, and worked till dark and on saturday and sundays for myself. I couldn't make the progress with my business that i've made in the past month if i wouldn't have let go of the night job. the only reason i was able to do it was the amount of money i had saved, and my wife works. Its still a huge risk and at this point anything can happen, i am not to much worried about it... worse comes to worse i just go get some BS job in a warehouse until i figure out what to do next. :drinkup:

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    I did lawn care on the side for 5 years while working a full time job. I was like you, I started off with a few customers and before I knew it I had 40. I was killing myself because I was then working two full time jobs. The decision was hard because I had a company vehicle I drove home, health benefits, 401k, etc. but I made the jump and never looked back. If you decide to leave the golf course and go full time you need desire and will to work. Weigh out your pros and cons very carefully. Good luck with whatever you do.
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    Best of luck to you Sir! Keep us informed.
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    I think whatever you choose, you are right. Customers pick up and our area stays moist into July, serve the Golf Course a 2 week notice, work hard and save for winter. If it starts to get dry and hot in July, I would stay at the course. Either way you will make it. As it was already said, keep your faith!
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    Yeah I talked to the boss and I am gonna go back. Some may say its dumb but I think it's what is best for my family and I. I figure I can pay my share of the bills and live off of what I earn at the course, while putting ALL income from the business back into it. I'm thinking I can pick up quite a bit of clients from the course. They're gonna let me put business cards in the clubhouse and at the bar, not to mention everyone will see my ad in Tee Times and I'm sure I'll take off. Even if I get swamped and start falling behind I've got a couple co-workers there that said they'd help anytime after work. I'm going to try to utilize the job at the course the best I can to help grow my business. I'll really pick my bosses brain this year, have the mechanic teach me some things, and get to know the Toro rep a little better and I think it'll actually help me in the long run. They've let me borrow equipment, buy left over seed and ice melt, and fixed equipment for me so I think having that connection will be huge.
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    I think you did the right thing. Good choice to use the Golf Course for a little advertising. When you can financially support your family on your business income it might be time to move on. Be thankful you have a choice, I did not.

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