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  1. packerbacker

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    Ill say one thing and then you guys can get on with your little worlds thinking that you all do the right thing.

    I used to come here a while back and the reason i left was because all the "good old boys " here seem to think that they have the best way to do everything and when someone comes along and questions them they immediatly band together label the person as a troublemaker and attack them.

    You guys have alot to learn how being more accepting of others and how they do things.

    You sit around and call people lowballers and scrubs when they take your business by underbidding you a couple bucks. Well guess what folks!?! Every single time you use a coupon for a pizza or buy a item on sale you are giving into a lowballer and that makes you JUST AS GUILTY.

    And for that matter what gives any of you the right to say what a lowballer is? Just because you have set your own standard whats to say that any of us have to agree with you and what you think the "norm" should be?

    This is a great site to learn from and ill continue to come here and read it like i did when i left the first time but apparently some of you have judged me without ever knowing me so i will stop responding to people who are looking for different ideas.

    Have a good 2005 and good luck to everyone.
  2. bobbygedd

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    i, for one, enjoy your company, and do not judge you as a human being. i think your business practices are a bit wacked, but i'm sure you're a good guy. are we not all but men?
  3. TClawn

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    using a coupon or buying a sale item is NOT the same. the whole Idea behind the sale is to get you into there store where you might make an impulse purchase. if you go to the pizza store and buy a large pizza with the coupon, you may also want to get some pizza sticks, buffalo wings or some other item that is not on sale.

    IMO, it's the same as us offering a 10 percent discount on spring cleanups if they sign up for lawn care by february.

    a lowballer is some one who knowingly REDUCES the price of lawn care and other services to get more business.

    a lowballer hurts our industry. a sale does not.

    btw, your post was not funny.
  4. Lux Lawn

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    I agree with TCLAWN a coupon gets you in the store and most of the time you will buy more then one item.Lowballing is someone bringing down the price's for everybody in this field and that is what is happening around here right now with snowplowing.

    I guess there really is no "norm" as you put it if you want to work for less it should be up to you or the individual but it does hurt everybody and bring the price's down,it's great for the customers that are not loyal to one contractor and switch year after year to save a couple of bucks.I know the lawns around here we could be getting more for them but this is the case here as it is everywhere.
  5. Sir mowsalot

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    I agree with you. Great site to learn things if your doing a search on something. But a horrible site if you want to discuss things, becuase to many idiots that try to lift themselves up by bringing others down. You see it all boils down to a self esteem issue. For whatever reason some on here have developed issues of inferiorority complexes and this is how they react to it. I found that most of the time these same people who are so arrogant and obnoxious on this site are scared little boys in real life who would never dare tell someone some of the things they say on here. Dime a dozen
  6. mcclureandson

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    Why ask for input if you know all the answers??? Go ahead, come to my area and offer services at half my rate...I might lose 5-6 customers, and they'd be the ones I enjoy servicing the least! Hell, you can have every price shopping tightwad in town...that's your marketing strategy, right? A 'scrub' or 'lowballer' is more than the lowest priced company around...they're anyone looking for the quickest way to cut corners on two very important aspects of our industry - QUALITY and INTEGRITY!!! Don't ask me to believe you can offer my level of service at a substantially lower price...Don't ask me to believe the majority of my customer base will switch to ANOTHER new guy at the drop of a hat...and Don't expect established, profitable lawn companies to endorse your ill-conceived business plan...good luck clearing half what the rest of us are making.
  7. splatz100

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    I guess "You get what you pay for"

    HOOLIE LawnSite Gold Member
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    An interesting point regarding the pizza- as business owners we expect every customer to go with us regardless of price, we expect them to value our service to the point where money is no object...but we as consumers tend to do like everyone else, that is, look for the lowest price.

    Actually, I almost always order from the same pizza joint, regardless of coupons.
  9. mcclureandson

    mcclureandson LawnSite Member
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    I tend to eat and shop at businesses where the QAULITY and level of SERVICE are's like, oh say a LAWN SERVICE you get what you pay for!!! Besides, who wants a referral based on how low your prices are? The people that call me talk quality first and price second...
  10. packerbacker

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    And all this time i thought thats why store has sales! I thought it was to get more business from people! Stupid me!

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