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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by topsites, Nov 11, 2005.

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    It is crazy, just as SOON as I breathe a small sigh of relief and decide maybe it's not so bad, and maybe I can let my guard down a little... I was starting to offload ammunition figuring I wouldn't have to fire off another volley at anybody (cauz all that extra ammo gets heavy) and sure enough, not as SOON as I even TRY and let down on the extra heavy-duty security defenses and lower ONE tiny little wall around me, someone has to come around and take advantage of the situation...

    It just never fails thou after yesterday's fiasco ($38.40 pmh for leaves), it didn't take me long to wake up and tighten down the hatches, lock all open back doors and seal the leaks... Back to wearing full body armour and keep at least the front 30mm gattling guns locked and loaded, I don't think it's a war yet but I'm prepared because sure enough, you never know.

    Now here I am with a 4-cycle backpack blower and I figured even at half-throttle, I can do in 30 minutes what it takes the BEST rakeboy TWO hours to do, even with those cheap handheld blowers all the cheapo customers like to show off to me, it takes TWO HOURS minimum! So I figure rakeboys earn $10/hour, this translates to $45/ 50 minutes with the 4-cycler, the extra $$/hour pays for rake + tarp, not to mention my experience, strength and stamina enables me to work for hours on end without pause, running literally an aerobic workout equivalent to a marathon with the mp3 player and the Koss stereo earphones playing electronica and alternative remixes LOUD in my ears to keep me PUMPED ! Hell yeah, don't even TRY to keep up, lol ! (some do, not 20 minutes later they're ALWAYS back in the house).

    When the comedy begins with the 10hp push-blower, lets not forget it is a thousand dollar machine and the BIGGEST push any home-owner might have is a 5 or 6hp as they cost about 100 dollars per hp and MOST folks don't GOT a pushblower and you know it as well as I do. Last but not least, the goat does at LEAST 4 times the work than the backpack: $60/hour.

    Last but not least: Take it or leave it.

    You know why? Because they ALL want it CHEAP (yeah like $15/hour is high) but yet NOBODY wants to do the LEAVES ! Someone's got a real head problem here with a simple equation of supply and demand even OPEC figured out these past few years: High demand vs. low supply = high prices.

    The only part bugs me is how can anyone not SEE it ? Not so much you guys, but out THERE !

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    Oh I agree, get top dollar for leaves. The general public unfortunately, equates hard, grunt-work, manual labor with a low price. Same with pulling weeds, I'll do it for the right price, but most don't want to pay it. Jobs like leaves and weed pulling often require more tough physical work than mowing, gotta charge more to make it worth it.
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    I fact I just cancelled an ad I had running in a local newspaper for leaf removal. This is the last time I advertise for leaf removal because almost every call I got, the person wanted a dirt cheap price.

    Leaf removal is not an easy sell unless you lowball the estimate...and I'll never do this for this hard work and wear and tear on machines that leaves cause
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    My .02 cents here. I think that a 10hp walk behind blower is sometimes worth $100 per hour. Especially if you are blowing the leaves into the woods.

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