this is how you fit 3lbs of poo in a 2lb bag!

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by BSDeality, Jul 7, 2004.

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    I would think its illegal, because trailers are made to have things placed in/on them, not on top of them hanging off the sides.. If that strap came loose the mower is gonna bounce right off the trailer..

    Anyway, the price you got on the trailer isn't bad. I paid $2649 + tax for my 6.6'x16' Ez-Dumper landscape trailer w/ brakes. For some reason trailers are alot more expensive around here.
  2. Pikey2574

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    ThatÂ’s not illegal. If you are going to base it being illegal off the fact it hangs off the side then the trucking industry would be out of business. Semis use the same straps and have stuff stacked up and hanging over the sides all the time. Also if that is illegal what about the trailer for my trencher and I believe places that rent trenchers use the same trailer which is just basically two ramps the trencher sits on with no sides.

    Though it isn't the safest thing and looks like it would be a pain to load I can't see a cop writing you a ticket for it.
  3. BSDeality

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    the PITA factor is high, mostly because it limits my turning radius. so tight manuvering is out of the question cause the casters make contact with my bumper if i turn too sharp.

    i only unload the WB on 2 accounts (sometimes 3) during my regular schedule so for now i'm just dealing with it. I found a 16' trailer that a buddy of mine is going to sell to me once he gets his mason dump.

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