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    Okay, well. Try and not make you read all night.

    My Name is Matt and own/operate M.A.K. Landscaping in Volusia County, FL. We have been in business since February of 2009. We are a full scale landscaping and lawn maintenance company. We do it all, Lawn Maintenance; cut, edge, weed-eat, clean-up/blow, clean-outs, installs, designs, zeroscape, pressure washing, palm and tree trimming, tree removal (upto 25ft), stump grinding, clearing and we also run a full hurricane relief support crew with local PD and FPL (Florida Power and Light)
    We specialize in property DETAILING, we have had many jobs that we are called in by home owners or property management companies to show them what to look for on their properties and how to recognize shabby work. We have also picked up many jobs by doing so... go figure.
    We Currently have 57 private residential properties and 2 commercial/industrial accounts. Running One truck with 2 trailers (the toys are listed below).

    Crew 1 - (what i started with and my personal never leaves my side set-up)
    Pull Truck - 1987 F150 4.9L I6 - 3spd w/ Granny Low
    2003 Pace "Journey" 6x12 enclosed
    Wright Stander 36" (Old school)
    Wright Stander 48" (also old as dirt)
    Stihl Fs 85 Edger
    Stihl Fc 85 Weed-eat
    Shindiawa 256 Multi-Tool (edger, 12ft hedge trimmer, 12ft pole saw)
    Stihl 28" Hedge Trimmer
    Stihl 290 Chain Saw (14" bar)
    Stihl Ms650 Chain saw (30"bar)
    Stihl 460 Magnum Blower (x2)
    Generac 2700 PSI Pressure Washer
    Manual Tree Trimmer (17ft extend able)

    Trailer/Crew - 2 (hurricane relief)
    Custom Trailer i bought at a yard sale for 700$, had a Deere Loader on it when i arrived... 2 x #3500 axles with low ride, bumper pull and trailer brakes.
    Had a Rack built for the front and 4ft walls put on it.
    At the beginning of any major storm systems that roll through, or a hurricane/tornado, we load this puppy up with everything from storage.
    5 Total Generators (ranging from 900watts to 8000watts, rent as we go usually, or will sell if they want it that bad)
    Two Ms650 Stihls (one 16" and my 30" from crew 1)
    Two Stihl 420 Magnums from Crew 1

    In the instance of MAJOR storms i shut the basic business down and we go into a "safety" mode to say. I lived in FL during Charley and i made all kinds of money just cleaning out yards (college years) and we were out of power for 37days. We had storms blow through in August that had straight line winds of 80MPH in areas and i had service calls for two weeks off of trees and debris in properties, then i had three weeks of "Preventative" calls so those people didnt have the same issue... Was awesome and the ONLY reason i put the second kit together because i hated having my trailer empty and equipment at my mothers.

    OKAY! a quicky about ME! M.A.K. ... ... I am 26 live in Daytona Beach FL with my Fiance (prego) and our 4yr old daughter. I have a BS Degree in Business Communications and a Minor in Physics (had this dream to work in marketing for a BMX company). I started this business on a whim, so to say, i was working with a buddy during the summer and he was getting burnt out, i took it over and a few months later "Dude, wanna buy it off me?" - "HELL! why not!" and here i am. He is jealous now, i run 200% over what he did. I do all of my own graphic designing and printing...

    Shutting up now, i have to be up at 6am.

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    Welcome to Matt. LOL


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