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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by grenskpr, Apr 9, 2010.

  1. grenskpr

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    Late last summer a local newbie low ball company convinced a HOA that I had been doing for several years, to go with them, lot of PIA "active retires" that wanted Disneyland for Kittyland pricing. They dumped me for their 2.00 less per app price, whatever, I was fixing to raise their price, it stung at first, 90+ accounts that paid once yearly.

    I have since replaced $ wise... Thank God with a whole lot less headaches.

    Well long story short these guys are struggling mightily with weeds everywhere. They tried to stay on top this winter by spot treating instead of blanket premergening.:confused: Couldn't believe it and couldn't be happier now.:dancing: If they are having this much trouble now just wait... summer's around the corner.

  2. grassman177

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    always good to hear that, same thing kinda here. their are lots of weeds, but not in my lawns!!!!!!
  3. grenskpr

    grenskpr LawnSite Member
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    I hear ya, we are cleaner this year than I can remember, good products applied correctly by well trained techs, these guys are flying blindly and it's going to bite em. I wouldn't be so worked up over this except for the decictful way they went about it bad mouthing me and all.

  4. jbturf

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    is that serious? $2.00 less per app
    or was it 2 x 90?

    sounds like they may be calling you back real soon
  5. grenskpr

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    Oh yeah, they have the mowing contract and are way up the "Mayor" of the association's wazzu. Kid got his licence and convinced him they could make everything great. for less, well there's apparently little more to it.

  6. grenskpr

    grenskpr LawnSite Member
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    It was 2.00 less per customer per visit
  7. Runner

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    Go pay a to some of the people and have some friendly conversation.That's when you call, and say "You know...I was over your way checking out all your weeds the other day...How's that new service workin' out for ya? ....And you know, for 2 dollars more, you could have had it looking good..."
    I did that once with a customer. I LOVE screwing with people, and my customers all know me for my humorous attitude. It was a guy in a culde-sac that I did about 4 lawns in. He went for a great deal of $20 cheaper. His lawn faded to a lighter green, I could see he had a few weeds, and I could see it was just limp and lifeless. I was over there fertilizing one day, and noticed he was over in his driveway and garage...So I said heck with it...and rode my spreader over across the street and up the drive. I asked how he's doing, and the usual small talk. I then asked him how that new service was working out for him. He just said in a low tone. "Ok, I guess."
    I said "Well,..atLEAST you got a great price." I then said. "You know, thing I don't really understand, though?"
    He replied. "What's that?"
    "Is that you have this $300,000 + home, an Escalade for your wife, a nice truck for yourself, you have just over $20,000 into your landscaping, $2500 in your irrigation system - that you spend money on running, You PAY someone to come in and mow your lawn, and you pay for someone to feed your lawn, and for 20 bucks more,....your lawn COULD look like THAT!" (as I'm pointing across the street to the other lawns).
    He just looked at me, smirked, and said......"Joe?,....You're an AZZ!"....He then said. "When can you do it?"
    I told him. "I'll hit it right now,....and I'll be back in 3 or 4 weeks to slam it again." He said "Do whatever you think it needs."
    It is stuff like THIS that people remember. He is a great customer, and I know will continue to be for as long as I treat him fair.
  8. mike174

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    This is a great example. I doubt he will ever consider switching again to save a couple dollars, no matter how many door hangers he gets. You should send the other applicator a thank you card :laugh:
  9. grassrat

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    Joe, awesome story and awsome delivery, sometimes you have to make a face to face visit to win some people on the initial sale or the resale in your case an email or phone call wouldn't have come across as funny or sarcastic when I see my clients face to face I usually end up with $2000 worth of work. It is not always about the service it is about the relationship thats how some clowns can get away with crappy work, because they have a good working relationship, example my best friends son is starting a lawn company so he can go to college yada yada yada, he's cheaper and I'm gonna give him a chance and I just say you'll be calling me back in a polite way and 95%of the time they do!

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