This is my opinion on SCRUBS


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I am a full-timer and I understand what happens in the marketplace when lowballers get some attention. However, to broadly brush over everyone out there who only puts in X number of hours and call him/her a scrub is wrong. <br>Frankly Scarlet, it's no one's damn business what anyone else charges or how long they work, if you want to get like that about it.<br>And for you gr8one, I've seen some part-timers run a pretty nice operation and get top dollar for their work. Some of them have great equipment, nice truck, trailor etc. and keep their machines so clean that it makes me feel ashamed.<br>You see the thing is they have all they can handle at that stage in life. <p>As far as part-time people getting in our way well, if they can do a better job than my company at a better price while having all the insurances and liscensure, worker's comp, etc., then they deserve the business no matter how many hours they work per week at it.<br>But that's just it, no commercial account is going to let someone on their property without these documents.<br>So who is affraid of the part-timer's? Guys who do a lot of residential work under the table themselves. It's usually not too hard to convince homeowners that a contractor needs insurance and to be legit.<br>If you are legit and have all the necessary documentation, your pricing will reflect it and you are not a scrub in my book no matter what else you do for a living.


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I thought scrubs were what my wife wears to work as a nurse.<p>Actually, if you look at the Pesticide application forum, you'll find nobody willing or knowledgeable to respond to most of those posts.<p>Based on that, I'd say 99% of this board are scrubs.


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i think Lawrence stone was the one who originally used the word &quot;scrub&quot; to describe the landscapers with craftsman equipment and lowballing because they are not legit buissnesses. Everyone starting copying him and it has gotten out of hand. I too am sick of hearing thAT WORD AROUND HERE!

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i`ve seen the term `scrub` on here,it doesn`t bother me.some guys label part timers as such.i`m do this part time ,and i`ve been doing this for 18 have to know a person`s situation.i sold my business due to losing my wife due to cancer.i had to pay the before a label is attatched,think of the circumstances.just because i do this part time doesn`t mean i don`t have the knowledge.sorry to ramble.its the quality of work,the amount of knowledge,not the amount of time or equipment.<br>dave


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<br>Sorry, but you may hear it a few more times. <p>Word is that an &quot;Are You a Scrub?&quot; self administered test is in development by a consortium of heavy hitters and will appear soon at a certain web site near you. You can speculate among yourselves as to where controversial material like this would be published. <p>For the time being let's keep it a secret and hope that for now at least, very few people read this thread.<p>Your friend,<p>Ed<p>Opposing viewpoints; hatred filled responses not welcome<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: turfquip dot com


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Charles, you crack me up (again)!<p>----------<br>Smitty ô¿ô<br>

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