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I too am sick of hearing this word.It is getting to be a real insult!If you look it up in the dictonary you will actually see that it is an insult!Here is what the dictonary says<p>any person,animal,or thing smaller than usual,or considered inferior. <p>Is this an insult?I think so.Some may not.But keep in mind when you use that word you may offend or hurt others.This is a place to help others.I'm not saying that this word should not be used I just though everyone should know what it means!I hope this will clear up the meaning of the word &quot;scrub&quot;.<p>----------<br>from:Adam<br>AB Lawn Care


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Lazer:<br>Not all lawn care businesses do chemical apps.<br>I obtained my liscence in Ohio and I still don't know enough to give advice.<br>Maybe I'm a scrub.


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Lazer,<p>If I may, what's the big deal with a Pesticide license? Anyone willing to do a little bit of study, and put the appropriate time in can possess one. here in Florida they make you jump through a few hoops that take three years. There are a finite number of chemicals and likewise a finite # of combinations. Entemology, toxicology and awareness of field conditions are your basic tools. Nothing too complicated. I would guess that the reason many don't know or care to know more is that they hire others to do that work for them. To be honest I don't blame them. some of that stuff is pretty toxic!<p>Anyway the word Scrub is pretty derogatory and should apply to others...<p>Thanks,<br>Albert


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Thank-you for your excuses why you cannot and/or are not willing to respond to a fellow poster.<p>


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I dont want no scrub a scrub is a guy that cant get no love from me hangin around in his best freinds ride....ohhh this isnt the mtv website???? Loosen up boys....we cut grass for a living.....

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Here's my take on this all-too-important (not!) issue. I participate on the Landscapers forum on AOL in addition to this one. We have used the word SCAB instead of scrub for a couple of years over there. Here's a quick test to see if you might be a scab as we at AOL describe one:<p>1: Do you have insurance on your vehicles?<br>2: Do you have insurance on your machines?<br>3: Do you have business liability insurance?<br>4: Are you licensed to do business?<br>5: Do you pay taxes on all money received (including cash)?<br>6: When bidding a job do you always give a fair market bid (answer no to this one if you underprice just to get a job)?<p>If you answered YES to all of these questions than you are &lt;i&gt;probably&lt;/i&gt; a professional. If you answered no to one question then you know what you need to remedy. If you answered no to two or more than you are probably a scab/scrub. <br><p><font size="1">Edited by: Richard Martin


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1. Yes.<br>2. No, but my agent is working up a quote.<br>3. No, but my agent is working up a quote.<br>4. Yes.<br>5. Yes.<br>6. No, but I will correct that post-haste.<p>Am I learning? ;)<p>-TGC


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What does having insurance on your equipment have anything to do with being a scrub? This is just a personal descion by most people, with no correct answer.
Hello Everybody:<p>Who cares what one is called, this #2 input just makes it worse for the future of this forum.<p>If I was in pre school I would go tell the teacher. LOL, She would stop this nonsense!<p>I was one for a short period of time, so what difference does it make? <p>I think if you check into it, most people started out as one.<p>Sticks & Stones will break my Bones, But Names will Never Hurt Me!<p>Deal with it & get on with your lives.<p> <p>Eat your heart out, loose sleep, kill those puters letting those tears fall on your keyboard (shorting them out)& put a sledge hammer to yo mouse finger.<p>I could do a featured NEW SCRUB of the week, that's way over 20 years of scrubs off this site according to some peoples figures. Maybe do an interview & see what their secrets are?<p>I sure wish I could have been the Millieum SCRUB. It's really not fair to me & others.<p>I will probably own that domain name before long. Guess what then?????<p>LOL, it shows what a stupid SCRUB I am, I'll get If you use the dash it automatically gets you a higher search engine ranking. SCRUBS need all the help that they can get.<p>If you are not sure if you are a scrub or if you tired of being a scrub. Just contact me & I will give you a price on consultation.<p>Your SCRUBS guide to SUCCESS, LOVE GrassMaster!<p>Do something different pump some #1 in this forum & maybe it will push out all this #2.<p>Sure hope the next time a trade mag does article on this forum & if it's about SCRUBS. I hope they include me. I could get rich off this SCRUB stuff.<p>GOD will sort them out in the end!!!!!<p>----------<br>GrassMaster - Home:<br>My Start Up Page

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