This is my story (an' I'm stickin' to it)

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by rattlerkc, May 17, 2005.

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    First, I want to say this is my first post, but I stop in quite frequently to get more (free) advice. This site is great for the beginners and the veterans.

    Four years ago I helped my 11 year old son start cutting a few neighbors lawns and bought a used 1986 Craftsman 38" rider at a garage sale for $100. The owner said the blades wouldn't turn. So, when I got home I put the pulley back on that had vibrated loose. Then I bought a small trailer for my son to pull the push mower, blower, and trimmer (which I already had for my lawn).

    The first year had long dry spell of 6-8 weeks with no rain, but he still made decent money for a young boy. Then I decided that I wanted some of this action and bought a 36" Cub WB belt drive. Not the machine of choice, but chalk this up to lack of research. Year #2 again had a long dry spell, but we compensated by doing other things besides mowing (Hence the name Sam's Mowing and More")

    Year #3, however, was great. Rain every 3rd day or so-all summer long. We mowed our last lawn after Thanksgiving, which is practically unheard of in KC unless there is a sprinkler system involved. Oh yeah, we also bought a new Ferris 52 hydro WB, a new Stihl FS 110 trimmer, and a Stihl Br 420 blower on ebay, among other things.

    My son is a very hard worker and I'm very proud of him. But my main point is this. If you do the best job you possibly can, do what you said you would do for a fair price, return calls promptly, etc., then the business WILL grow-guaranteed. My very best customers are ALL from "word of mouth". In fact, I picked up a new temporary customer last night who will be out of town for 1 1/2 months and wants me to take care of his lawn and flower beds while he is gone. He had never met me before last night, but he had heard about us from one of his friends. God is good.

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    good post-say what you say you will do be fair always try to give a little extra
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    welcome to Lawnsite, keep up the good work...stay professional at all times...good luck,, :)
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    Thanks, guys, but the credit should really go to people like you who are willing to help out the novices (and of course my parents, who beat the Golden Rule into me-lol)

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