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I've decided this is the year to use up all my partial bottles of 2-stroke oil, partial and small rolls of trimmer line, etc.--I'm a sucker for the latest so I've collected a good supply!!

Today I ran a trimmer for about 4 hours--only bumped the head maybe 4 or 5 times. The line is some that's probably 10 years old--it came from my dad after he passed away--I've had it for 6 years. The line is either 5 or 6 sided red Shakespeare--it was amazing how long it lasted. Wish I had a bunch of it--then again, I'm trying to use all the misc. I have around. I normally use round line, but must admit this did a good job--and it was .080.

At this rate, it may take awhile to use all my "stuff". Oh well--if I can just keep from buying every brand that's recommended on this forum----:dancing:
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