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This is scary stuff.............


LawnSite Senior Member
Was at home reading the latest issue of Family Handyman(the wife got it thinking i'd find some time to work at home)lol. Seriously though, There is an article about a robot lawnmower, made by husqavarna, seems strange to me. I'm curious if anyone else has seen this machine and what are your thought on its application? To me it seems like something of an expensive gimmick, the only reason I mention it is I wonder what the future holds.<br>SOME ROUGH SPECS......<br>1) battery powered, when batt gets low will finds own charging station and dock to it, then will automatically continue mowing after charging.<br>2)uses an underground wire system for guidance, similar to fenceless dog restraint.<br>3)can mow day or night, has a timer<br>4)cost....2,000 dollars plus about 350 for underground wire install(this can only be done by their techs)<br>So all opinions would be welcome just thought some comments would be interesting.<p><p><p><p><p><br>


LawnSite Silver Member
I think I need one of those! for my own yard, of course.<p>unfortunately, my customers still have to get a monthly bill for my services!<p>GEO


LawnSite Member
maybe in the future we can all just sit home and collect a monthly fee for renting the huskys by the month,and do service calls,someone has to maintain em,sharpen blades. up here in maine it would burn itself up in may trying to cut the long wet stuff. nick


LawnSite Silver Member
I agree with Nick. We'll just have to adapt if anything like that ever happens. I know we can never agree on anything around here, but lets at least make one deal: If it ever comes down to this, the going labor rate will be $5,000.00 an hour to install these stupid little things!! LOL This way if we have to go out of buisiness , we go out with a BANG!<p>----------<br>&lt;a href=&quot;http://communities.msn.com/guidosequipmentpics/&quot;&gt;&quot;Guido&quot;&lt;/a&gt;<br>David M. Famiglietti


LawnSite Senior Member
Lawrence Stone said in one of his post that he was going to make hos movers use a remote computer of some sort and that he would sit back and smoke a cigarette. It is not hard to do it if you have some haevy duty servos. I think he said something about having two of them at once or so. Wow that would be pretty cool. It would be safe on athletic fields but never on a residential. Could you emagine hitting a hile of some sort and then trying to run after it or run away.Lol


LawnSite Fanatic
N.E. Wisconsin
Its true and in production but it will never replace us. I hope. <br>For my state it is being distributed by Lieds Landscaping in Neenah Wisconsin. The above prices are correct. They showed the underside and it is a spinning type disk with plastic fingers that are supposed to be relatively harmless. The thing is computer controlled and goes home after about an hour and a half to recharge and mow again. I would like to see it in 5 or 6&quot; grass. They said right out that you still have to trim and it is not very good for large yards. <br>Technology is pretty neat but it cant do it all.


LawnSite Bronze Member
No.VA, zone 7
The first application I heard of for these mowers was several years ago. They were purchased by the Fed. Govt. for use in the courtyards of the CIA headquarters because of security issues. Don't even think about stripes with these things. :)<p>----------<br>Lanelle<br>

mountain man

LawnSite Member
North Carolina
The husky I saw was under $1000. It does work but after the novelty wares off I'm sure it would get old always having this little ardvark going back and forth accros the yard. It takes about and hour to mow the area of a tennis court.