This is simply horrable!

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    Cant imagine how this poor family feels. One life changing split moment. It can happen to anyone

    IN Man Runs Over Wife With Tractor
    Apr 20, 2005, 9:01 AM
    New Media Producer: Kerry Corum

    Authorities say a farmer accidentally ran over his wife with a tractor while he was planting corn, killing her. Lonnie Moore told Randolph County Sheriff Jay Harris that he saw Karen Moore walking toward the tractor Monday. The 71-year-old says, in the midst of turning the machine, he noticed that the tractor's left side went up.

    He had just run over his 54-year-old wife.

    Police says she was bringing him his daily dose of vitamins near their Winchester home, about 70 miles northeast of Indianapolis.

    Harris says Moore's death was an accident.

    The woman's 30-year-old daughter, Lisa McConn, says her mother grew up on a dairy farm in Ohio and was very devoted to her family. She says her mother relished the opportunity to go back to the farm when she married Lonnie Moore 28-years-ago.

    Source: AP, All Rights Reserved.
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    About the same thing happened here a few years ago. Except it was his child.

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