This is the last straw...CV replacement 95 chev

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Blk94fiveOh, Feb 12, 2004.

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    :angry: Welp.....Its official I hate my new truck. In case any of you have missed any of my previous posts...I'll get you up to date...

    I purchased the truck (95 2500 silverado 8 lug) in november, and so far I've put over $700 worth of parts/towing into the damn thing. Now, I realize that the truck is used with quite a few miles on it, but it was maintained well, and I *thought* it would be good for another few years of reliable plowing. Boy was I wrong. Not only is the truck terribly underpowered (whoever designed the gm tbi should be shot), gets terrible gas mileage (270-300 a tank), but it can't even run for a week without breaking down. When its running, its a nice truck, and it plows great...the problem is keeping it running. Don't blame all these problems I'm having on lack of maintenance/driving either, because I maintain all my vehicles very well, and I drive my trucks like a grandpa. I have a 95 f-150 with almost 190K on it that has had only a few minor problems. I'm begining to think that if I would of put a plow on the ford it would of been more reliable plow truck than this GM piece of trash. :angry:

    ok, now for this weeks repair...
    We got a few inches of snow today, so I was out making the rounds, when bam...I hear a loud "clunk clunk" from the front axle area. I take a peek under the truck, and sure enough, the drivers side Inner CV boot is cracked (grease everywhere) and the halfshaft has a tremendous amount of play in it. (on the inside. Near the carrier). I think I totally destroyed the inner cv joint, because the front tire wouldn't even move after the clunk. I could hear something spinning up front, but the tires wouldn't move. It also made a terrible sounding clunk when I limped it home. (even in 2wd) CV JOINTS BELONG ON IMPORTS, NOT IN TRUCKS!!!!!!:angry:

    From what I gather on the internet, It seems like my best bet would be to replace the whole axle shaft with a rebuilt unit from autozone, or checker. It sounds like its a fairly straight forward job, but I wanted to ask on here for some tips/suggestions. Does anyone know how long this procedure will take? Are there any special tools I need besides a 35?mm socket?

    Anyone want to buy a 95 silverado? :(

    BTW: I'm also taking bets on what my next repair will be, and when it will happen. Place your bets now.

    Sorry for my rant...i'm just real fed up with this truck. :(

    thanks for your help,
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    I bet you lose a few cylinders....hope not, but you said to guess.
  3. Grassmechanic

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    Unfortunately, your experiencing the pitfalls of buying a used plow vehicle. Personally, I'd never use anything that didn't have a solid front axle for plowing. U-joints are cheaper than CV's. Hope good luck comes your way soon.
  4. GLS

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    Sorry to hear about your bad luck.

    I have the same truck as you and havn't had near the problems you are experiencing. Mine was also a plow truck and still is.

    How many miles are on it? WHat did you pay for it? I know you said that YOU maintain your vehicles very well, but what about the previous owner(s)?

    When I first got my truck I had to put a litle bit of money into it. But so far it's been running like a dream (knock on wood). Things I have done to mine: intake manifold gasket, brakes, exhaust, thats about it. It's a hell of a work truck.
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    I'd stay away from AutoZone...any part I ever purchased there didn't fit right or didn't last that long...I now go to Pep Boys or NAPA and I've had better luck with their parts...May pay more, but you get what you pay for...
  6. Eric 1

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    Wow, you must have a bum!My family has a total of 20 chevys with combimed miles of over 1 million! I would NEVER buy any other truck. IN all those miles we have had about 3 beak-downs, and 1 was our own fault.
    Sorry you are having the problems with it, but i would replace the cv and keep driving it.Like GLS said ''you take good care of it, but did the other guy take care of it''

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    First, how many lugs on the wheels and how much GVW? GM had 2500 series with 6 lugs, and those are a bit different than 8 lugs. I plowed with mine for 550,000 miles, then changed from a 350 to a 454 and moved to the west coast. CV joints were replaced at 210,000, and once again at 480,000 miles. I would find yourself a good driveshaft shop and keep out of Crap Auto and the other discount houses. Assuming you get the right parts, they buy the cheapest stuff out there and then pass it along to you.

    Get yourself a book by Haynes, or Chilton for that year. They have a step by step or if you give me afax number I can copy the pages you will need and fire it off to you...You will need to remove the spindle housing, and, this could have 3, or 4 5/8" diameter bolts, depends on the rating. Once they are off, you may need to tap that housing slightly with a hammer to get it separated. Once that comes off, and you have the axle nut off, those charming brakes removed, it is pretty easy...

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    Don't let ths one get to you...All trucks have thier issues...Ford has what i call the best cab/frame, but the E4OD transmission belongs as a boat anchor not in a work truck, and the new 5 speed they have has more issues than I care to list.

    GM's L88E and 700R4 trannies are the best electric shift 4 speed out there.

    Dodge has the best engine with the Cummins, with all the other second rate junk on that truck, like frames that crack from torque behind the drivers door, and the worst automatic tranny in the business, there is not one truck that will work like the old vacuum shift T 400, C-6, or 727 Torqueflight trannies did.

    Live axles are better for plowing, but if your truck was speced right to begin with, it will last fine.
  9. Eric 1

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  10. kennyb

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    you can get a lemon with any manufacturer. i'm a gm man. i have 7 of them. my 88 2500 has 576,000 miles on it. 2nd engine, 3rd tranny. it is a everyday driver and plow truck. mufflers, brakes, fuel pump etc are all items that don't last forever.

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