This is the lawn i am going to give an estimate on in the morning.

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by bigw, Mar 4, 2008.

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    Do they want it bagged?

    Mow, blow and go only?

    Any fert or weed control?

    Are they willing to sign a contract for a year? 2 Years?

    Any fences I need to worry about?

    What equipment will you use?

    Pet poop?


    All the lawns around them look to be in better shape. Greener and looks like they have been side discharging with all the yellow strips.
  3. mowing grass 1111

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    sorry about the caps

    SILVERSTREAK INC LawnSite Senior Member
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    thats a big lawn, im sure its a 100 dollars easy

    see if you can get out of him what he was getting previously charged and let us know!

    also see why he is looking to switch, service, price?
  5. IMAGE

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    Hey BigW,

    I am brand new also-- but my newbi eye says I would charge 1.25-1.5 hours. Thats the same size as my parents yard, and with a 54" craftsman rider I can mow the whole thing in under 2 hours, and we have about 50 more huge oak trees then that, and thats taking "beverage" breaks.(in the spring I will tell you how long it takes with a 66" Lazer :) ) I dont know your equipment, but I would think a large Z could mow that in an hour, then its just however long it takes you to trim, and I guess it depends alot on if they want you to trim perfect all those perimeter trees.

    Oh, and do you have to edge all that? I was not including edging in my time estimate.

    On a side note-- do you mind if I lift word for word your "from the owner and operator" paragraph from your postcard? I really liked that, I am gonna post my proof in your other thread, cause it uses your ideas.
  6. bigw

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    Mow, edge, trim ,blow, Weekly with year just looking for this price. Anything else will be billed seperately as needed! Thats a big fence around the back can see it. You have to have a fence if you have a pool in this state! they dont want it bagged and my price's are not based off of which mower i use, i know my customers dont care if it takes me 2 hrs or 8 hrs they just want a price.
  7. bigw

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    not a problem at all and good luck with the card!!!!:weightlifter:
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    "my price's are not based off of which mower i use, i know my customers dont care if it takes me 2 hrs or 8 hrs they just want a price"

    In effect we are selling time. So even though a customer doesn't care how long it takes or what size mower we use it needs to be factored in. If 68k takes 2.0 hours with a small mower and 1.0 hour with a large mower we need to charge more using a smaller mower. Other wise our average hourly rate drops considerably.
    That size lawn in my area would be $80 mow, trim, blow as long it could be done with a 52 or 61. If the back gate was small and we needed to use a 36 back there it would bump it up to $95
  9. d&rlawncare

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    $201-$265 depending on the amount of trimming. How much time did YOU estimate it will take you?
  10. hackitdown

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    67K sq ft of lawn is a lot of grass.

    The stripes in the back look big, you may be able to get a big mower back there. If I could do the whole thing with a 52 ztr, discharging the clippings, it would be about an hour of mowing. It looks like a boatload of trimming...pool, fences, patios, lots of trees in front. I'd go for at least $95 based on 1.5 hrs working solo. If it needs to be bagged, it would be $125 minimum, maybe even more since you can't dump the clippings on site.

    It looks like a house where the owner may have some extra income, so you may be able to add a couple of dollars to the average price.

    Remember to compare this deal to an average little $40 lawn. If you could do 4 lawns at $40 in the same amount of time, then you need to charge $160. Like jc1 said above, you are selling time.

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