I am writing up this contract but i am lost on how to correcty write it up. I want a contract that saids I will cut,edge,trim,blow and ????? Am I missing some thing daaaaa.(BRAIN FART)I want one drawen up for resedintal and a seperate for commercial.I do areation and dethatch with fertlizeing once a year or 2 times a year i don't know how much there should be have't had a chance to fertlizing i do up to 5 times a year. I&quot;M so comfused and still tired.<p>Eufaulas finest lawn service<p><br>I ______________________ do hereby agree to contract David R.Hartzog of Eufaulas finest lawn service to maintain all of property at _____________________ Eufaula Al <br>For a total of 1 year as of ___/___/ 2000. At which time on ___/___/2001 contract shall be renewed or here as void. <p>Agreement is as follows:<br>Cut grass (Bag as needed). Minimum every 7 Days on or around day of _____________.<p>Edge all Sidewalks, Driveways, Curbs Each visit as needed.<p>Trim all areas mower does not cover.<p>Blow off Driveways, Walkways, curbside.<br>


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I would change &quot;Minimum every 7 Days on or around day of _____________.&quot; to &quot;once per calendar week, no guarantee of day&quot; this covers your butt due to holidays, weather, breakdown, brain farts, etc. This way, if you usually do the lawn on a Wednesday for example, and one week you cant get there til Friday, for whatever reason, you can still get back on track next wednesday and be true to the contract.<p>Trim all &quot;grass&quot; areas mower doesnt cover.<p>The rest is up to you. <p>Bill

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