This is what I have.

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by kebrowns, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. roeslandscaping

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    ah who cares, do it anyways. lol. Another way to do it is to add the 2.75% into the cost of the estimate, not mentioning what its used for, and if they dont use a credit card, 2.75% in your pocket. Thats what i do, and if the customer wants to find someone else over that amount of money, so be it. Good luck
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  3. kebrowns

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    Well after reading the pay pal policy some time ago it states that I cant charge an extra fee and mention that this is a required fee due to pay-pal. So, I just mentioned an additional surcharge is needed but not mentioning or making any references to the fact that pay pal wants this. But 90% of my customers who pay online usually ignore that extra $2.00 fee any way.
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  4. mlavin73

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    You know Roes I think you are right. Next year's proposals I may increase the prices to include the 2.75%. On a $40 lawn it's only about $1.10. I would think most of my customers would not use credit card so you're right it would be more in the pocket for me. I was just thinking of taking credit cards so my slow pays may pay a little quicker.
  5. roeslandscaping

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    Eh... Whats new. I gotta tell the old ball and chain im right all the time. lol :drinkup: Thats one of the main reasons i accept credit cards now, it also helps with some customers when doing landscaping etc. All you need it the Square card Reader. Thats what I have and it works great.
  6. Ecotech

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    Looks like a great starting set up to me. What size ZTR were you considering for your first one?
  7. knox gsl

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    I would move the mounting blocks for your trimmers between the handle and the engine, its much easier on the shaft and less likely to break.
  8. inzane

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    nice setup, wondering where you got your trimmer racks??

    i did not know about that paypal rule, guess its time to take the 2$ fee off my site, i'm gonna work it into the price as well... i had been meaning to ask you if people paid any attention to that.. most of mine decided to just start sending a check instead, which is fine by me.
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    got trimmer racks from Jacks Peek lawn equipment store in palmetto Georgia. You can get them probably closer to you they are called xtreme series rack. Maybe northern tool have them.
  10. kebrowns

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    I had bought the engine supports for the trimmers. They work great. Its just not in the picture.

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