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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, May 18, 2003.

  1. bobbygedd

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    6 k corner lot, here is what i want: cut once a week, with a 21" mower, bagged and taken away. every walkway, front and back, edged, every week. switch cutting direction from week to week. it must be done on fridays, if for some reason u miss me on friday, u may not return untill the next friday. oh, and i pay $28 each week. by check, and none of this sales tax ****. this is what i got from a lady yesterday. i couldnt change her mind on any of these "demands". i even showed her that her edges are still brown from last year from being smashed every single week. i told her i would meet her demands, if she insisted, for $45 a week. are some folks unbelievable?
  2. KDJ

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    Here in Central Florida the going rate for that is 15.00. At 28.00 per cut the LCO would beat her door down!
  3. AztlanLC

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    $45 Still cheap, I would've said it would be done on monday due that friday is full, mi miimum for this year is $1,000.00 contract 8 equal payments no matter if we go there every week or skip few times, a lawn that size in my area would be $30.00 minimum for 28 weeks then fall clean up and spring clean up.

    28x30=840 if she doesn't have any trees then she'll get $160.00 worth of any other service (coreaeration, mulch, weeds, etc.)
    Plus sales tax.
  4. DLCS

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    Based on what she told you, I would have to pass on that one. Those demands are simply unreasonable. What if its pouring rain 2 Fridays in a row? I would charge her at least $45. Why use a 21"? I don't like it when customers tell me what equipment I'm suppose to use.
  5. AL Inc

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    Bob- Hope you passed on that one, even for the $45. Seems like a PITA already. It makes me laugh that people who have no experience owning or working in a landscape business think that they can give an educated idea about what a fair price is.
    I know next to nothing about the law, can I tell my attorney how much he should be charging me?........I don't think so.

    BRIAN GALLO LawnSite Senior Member
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    It all comes down to how people are used to their lawns looking, how they "think" things should be done and what THEY want to pay for this perceived service. If she is a widow or has an incapacitated husband - he probably used to cut the lawn every friday @ 1 1/2" high and edged it, so that is what she wants and doesn't want to hear any different. I've got a bunch like this, and have lost a few because I wasn't cutting them "low" enough (under 2"). I think you did wise by avoiding that pain. That type will most likely hold you up 15 minutes every week after you cut complaining about something.
  7. crazygator

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    I think you priced it right. I have some that are close to that size, but I get to choose my 36" over a 21" to cut with. Plus if I miss because of rain I get to choose when to take care of it again. I get $30 - and its a 20 minute job.

    Using a 21", plus bagging, and this "Friday only" thing might not even be a $45 job.

    Should be more, after factoring in the PITA percentage..... hahaha:D
  8. bobbygedd

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    from NJ
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    well, usually i can sell them on how things are properly done. edging every other week, discharged, not bagged, etc, etc. but, she wouldnt budge. and dig this, she wants it edged, with a weedwacker! then she proceeds to tell me that, she has 8-10 friends who are interested in the same service. so, i stand there and think for a moment, then tell her that 8-10 more, at these requests, at this price, should put me out of business by......sept! no thanks . and of course she told me that she cant find anyone reliable, for some reason, they just stop showing up:rolleyes:
  9. TotalCareSolutions

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    Write the price and date on the back of the card. Politely tell her the price is good for xx days, then is subject to change.

    She will have to learn the hard way...and thats OK
  10. Shuter

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    I get calls from potential customers like you describe sometimes. I usually can tell what type of customer they are, either they are happy to have you there doing the work or they think they own you for the weekly charge. If I get a feeling about the owner part I simply tell them that I am booked and they should find another company. Sometimes the money from one customer is not worth the headaches that come along with it.

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