This is why you shouldnt cut grass anymore lol

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Ramairfreak98ss, Nov 2, 2013.

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    This is not us, and i personally don't like the owner one bit.. they've been around for something like 30 years... but this is what happens when a landscape company's reputation gets damaged by a "lawn" customer over nothing.... really she signed a weekly lawn agreement, they cut it one week then the next 6 days later and she doesnt want to pay, not only that, they add this reputation report on lol. idiot people. We've lost accounts because of issues with grass mowing when they paid us to handle everything... just not worth it.
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    I've read similar sounding bad reviews of various business types before. I only hope that most people will have a "crazy" filter and dismiss. I generally try to read between the lines on people who are harshly critical over what appears to be nothing. Having said that, it does suck that any dumbazz can post whatever they want and mess with the reputation of a business.
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    So a Bill for $64.20 would be two cuts plus tax... no?

    Can this lady DO simple math?
  4. cooperthumb

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    You charge sales tax?
    For a service?
    Is this something that's state Specific?
  5. snopro321321

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    In Wisconsin we a required to charge sales tax on most landscaping and all mowing
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    Yes. It's state specific. In Texas lawn mowing and most landscaping is subject to sales tax.
  7. Kelly's Landscaping

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    Oh yea sales tax is very much required here and it once was 8% then we got suckered into agreeing to an income tax. But they kept the sales tax anyway they merely lowered it to 6% now we have a Dem gov and it has creeped back up to 6.35% on small stuff then its 7% over 50k which got us on our new truck and then some services have weird rates one I saw was 9%. Anyone living in a state that requires sales tax ought to know that and should not be the least bit surprised. This lady is clinically ******ed but if that medical term is to hard to understand it means shes a moron. And should have her computer and internet privileges take from her.
  8. TPendagast

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    State of Alaska does not have a sales tax, many states do. Some only require tax on materials, some tax on goods and services. Still some states have a different rate for goods than services but still tax both.

    The city of wasilla has a 5% sales tax, but only on the first $50 (so for example the tax on a $50 service and a $5000 service is the same amount)'s annoying, but it has paid for some nice things around here (that and WAY too many cops!...we have a GIANT police force)

    When I get complaints like this from, that the OP posted, they are usually something like "I called, and they didn't make me a priority!"
    We generally have a TON of people complain about 'timeliness' which is odd, because they haven't committed to any services, and they freak out when they are told "we already have clients" and "clients with contracts already take precedence"
    People understand a line at walmart, but they don't understand that with the service industry?

    I had a guy call for a one time cut (something I KEEP trying to tell the front office WE DO NOT DO) and we completed the service in July.
    Then the guy calls in early october to again, get a one time cut... I told the front desk. "NO" we are already booked for the remainder of the season.
    The argument comes "but we did it for them in july"
    I DONT GIVE A CARE! (and I have no idea how that one snuck by me or who authorized it or even dispatched the crew!)
    So the person keeps calling and calling and wanting a service, and blah blah, and I keep getting messages about it on my desk.
    What is the DEAL? No no no no.

    Finally the front desk puts the message on one of the partners desk who says "this person has been calling for two weeks, we have to do this work NOW!" (????) erm, they aren't a customer, we don't have a contract, we have NO commitment to service them.

    "oh no! this is a 'priority' client"
    (so now we know which moron authorized the work behind my back int he first place)

    So out the crew goes (pushing contracted, scheduled work out of the way, which generated countless more complaints from people who WERE promised things and didn't get it when they were promised)

    and YOU guessed it, the lawn hadn't been serviced since JULY, when we were out there last!

    So what happens? The customer claims they shouldn't have to pay, because they had to wait two weeks for service, from the time they called!

    WHERE did they get the idea they had some kind of promise of service? "I called there for you have to do this?" (this is some kind of phenomena because it is becoming more and more common).

    So for giggles, I told the front desk...look this customer up on quick books, I want to see how many times they have called for a one time service.
    the answer? 8.
    And what is their current balance?
    The answer $1600.
    and have they EVER paid for any service?
    The answer no.
    How many months are they over due?
    The answer 48 months.

    so I look at the partner and I WANTED to just say "dumb ass!"

    Instead I said, "this is why no, means no"
  9. A. W. Landscapers  Inc.

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    I think most people can see that the only one who is getting ripped off is the lawn company since it is the customer who is refusing to pay for services received that they purchased at the agreed upon rate of $30 plus tax per cut.

    Some people seem to think that if they are the first one to publicly complain that it automatically makes them right and the other person wrong.

    All it really does it make certain people look like fools.
  10. Utah Lawn Care

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    I mowed a guys lawn weekly for over a month and he claimed I had not even been yet because it hadn't even started growing. Perhaps the reason it didn't look like it was growing was because I was keeping it from looking overgrown? Dealing with this garbage is always frustrating. It's nice to weed these people out and move on.

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