This isn't funny---is it??

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Think Green, Aug 21, 2009.

  1. Think Green

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    Today, we were fertilizing a lawn on a busy street. We had our truck parked in a safe area off to the side of the street, 2-cones in place,,flashers going......the whole nine yards!!
    We finish at around the lawn flag where it is noticed on the curb.!!!!! I went around the back lawn to blow off the alternate driveway and walkway, since this customer is in her 80's and don't want her to slip or fall on the prills. Here is where it gets funny---but is it not???

    As the time should display that school has just let out a short time before, and this little teen is walking by out in the fron lawn where the sign is sticking up. We managed to see him kneel down and read the sign......!!!
    As our lawn sign states---" Pesticide treatment area, keep off the grass for 24 hours unless designated by the applicator!" The boy, looks around the truck, sees no one and then starts to dart across the lawn and runs back and forth. He starts jumping up and down and what appeared to be the stinky leg dance in front of this customers home. We couldn't help but laugh at his ignorant antics, yet was upset because of the inherint fact of not following instructions. What do you expect from a little teen punk like this!??
    For a moment, I wished that we would have applied some Pre-m liquid on the lawn prior to him doing his dumb antics first. Then he would have appreciated those orange Nike's. Lol!!

    What do you think of this??????
  2. grassman177

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    damn, itis funny, but not. i would have advised he go take a shower right away. but it is funny, but not. i cant make up my mind either. good story and thanks for sharing
  3. grass4gas

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    Along the same lines, I was spot spraying weeds yesterday, and I mix blue tracker dye as a marker in my backpack. I'm walking away from the house towards the street, and as I turn around, my customer is walking through the grass with sandals on. Before I know it she has blue dye over her shoes and on her feet.:hammerhead:

    Now if this were "just" dye I would be laughing inside. But with weed and grass control being sprayed, I told her to get off the lawn and wash her feet and sandals. Some people just don't think. The dye will come off her skin. I'm not so sure it will come off her shoes.

    As far as posting signs, I do the same thing, but people just don't read or look. They walk their dog through the lawn that you just treated, or on the sidewalk that your blowing off.:nono:
  4. Heidi J.

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    Ignorance is everywhere:hammerhead:
  5. rcreech

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    Not the same thing...but a stupid person here.

    I sprayed a 3 acre soccer complex yesterday and a homeowner stopped over and asked that I stop because she could smell it.

    I was taken off guard and said...if you have a problem contact the school as I am just doing my job".

    I wasn't going to go into any details with this guy and I was not doing anything wrong. No reason to argue with idiots!

    His house had to be 80 yards from the soccer complex!
  6. ksJoe

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    You could ran up to him wearing a rain coat and respirator, and acted terrified about his exposure. Tell him to hurry home and immediately take a shower. And watch for symptoms like elevated heart rate, upset stomach, frequent urination (and any other symptoms of nervousness). If he displays any symptoms he should immediately call poison control and tell them he's been exposed to placebo.
  7. grassman177

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    ok, now that is funny, i like the humor you create!
  8. borwicks

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    LOL...ok thats funny. Iam going to have to get my rain gear in my truck. D--- Iam laughing so hard I have to pee.
  9. kirk1701

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    In a way, I suddenly see Jack Bouer (from the show 24) showing up, a hostage situation and then a National security threat which gets CTU involved which calls the President and....

    OH ME!!! :drinkup:
  10. greendoctor

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    Stuff like this is ammunition for the chemical nazis to have lawn care applications banned. I would not allow anyone into a newly treated area. Let's just say that kid would have me in his face prior to him dancing on a sprayed lawn. For one thing he is trespassing. Does anyone know how the law views unauthorized persons in a treated area before the spray has dried?
    The label on all chemicals states:Do not allow people(other than the applicator) or pets onto treatment area during application. Do not enter treatment areas until spray has dried. Who is liable for a bystander violating this portion of the label?

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