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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by PR0 TURF, Dec 25, 2008.

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    haha I once used a landscape flag to pin my trailer to get home after I lost the regular pin, better than half the people I see around here that don't even put a pin in
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    We never used pins until me and my dad and bro where on the highway with an empty trailer and the thing poped of and was yankin us around. Only put i tiny dent on his bumper but was bangin up the under body.

    I also was mowing one time with my equipment on my 6x12 and i pulled down this alley, i hit a pot hole and i heard a big boom "thought nothing of it" and then the tongue of the trailer was dragging and hit another pot hole and stopped me. i was only going a couple mph so nothing broke but wow that would have broken something at 25+mph.

    Always chain and use a pin
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    This was back in my rookie years. I loaded my trailer with concrete mostly in the back and forgot to latch the trailer and I saw it come off in me mirrior going up a hill and hit the brakes and slam. I a least I made good humor out of it. This was back in 1991. still haven't given up the tailgate because it's a good reminder for my crews:hammerhead:

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