This JD 2305 worth it? ADVICE FOR A NEWBIE!

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by Deputy_Swan, May 28, 2011.

  1. Deputy_Swan

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    Hello, i am looking to purchase this tractor:

    $15,000 OBO
    Its a 2008 0r 07 he thinks, about 120 hours, regular maintenance always stored inside. I need a mower this big for a huge property I just got, and I want to buy a 3pt rough cut mower, run a wood chipper, and get a backhoe. Also a rotor tiller been getting into a bunch grass plants for new houses.

    If not I been looking at getting a new bobcat Tractor, I don't have prices yet, but I have always used Deere and Bobcat products and both are great brands.

    Any advices be greatly appreciated! :cool2:
  2. Ducati996

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    I would pass on it....seriously....the offers for new machines and larger models make the thought of going new and having a bigger and more powerful machine, reality.....

    You need postion control when mowing large lots....this machine does not have it, and its very annoying not having that feature....
  3. Ridin' Green

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    I agree with the post above. Get one with position control on the 3pt. That allows you to set your implement anywhere from full up to full down as you see fit. The 2305 is either all the way up, or all the way down. Otherwise you need to use some type of gauge wheel on the implement.

    On top of that, that is a high price, at least around me it is!
    I see them here on CL all the time with more attachments for $8500-$12000, and very similar hours/condition.

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