This job should make Hayes proud

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Dirty Water, Apr 6, 2006.

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    Started a new job today. Installing a "dirty water" system to 12 houses. I think I've mentioned before about the massive network of irrigation ditches and lines in this community. We are extended a section of this to provide service to these new houses..

    Pretty simple stuff, trench along road easement, installing 6" sleeves under driveways, avoid destroying domestic water and electical lines, spur off takeoff's for each customers house.

    Its mostly 4" and 3" pvc, with a small section of 2" at the end. Line will carry 140 psi when its on so people will be able to water with virtually free water (its runoff and river water)

    Buried at 18" with a tracer wire.

    Lots and lots of fun :D
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    Way cool Jon... Now you're talking in a size I understand. :clapping:

    Now, if you really want to make me happy TAKE PICTURES when you do the job and share them here. :laugh:

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