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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by mower&more1986, May 27, 2008.

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    Ever see the episode of south park where they all bought hybrid cars? The smog was replaced by the more dangerous "smug". This is a forum for landscape professionals---trucks are good here.

    The cummins should have achieved at least 16mpg around town and 20 highway---it wasn't running right.
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    I will never own a car or SUV... sorry. They are useless to me. My wife wants an SUV, but she had to settle for a 4-door duramax. At least I can haul my skid if I am in a bind. Plus I hate feeling like my butt is on the pavement.
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    I just flat out could not be were i am today without switching to diesel. I agree their are folks that do not require a diesel truck, the popularity of diesel power has created the problem. It will correct itself IMO if your not working your diesel truck, and budgeting correctly you will go under. Invest in quality equipment, lower your labor costs. We just signed two new commercial property maintenance contracts 25,000 a years, and a $5,000 clean-up job. Diesel fuel is not so expensive now for us.

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