This lady has lost her mind....

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    So I am relatively new to actually working in the lawn care business as a professional. I have always done it for neighbors and friends, but obviously I am doing it now to make a fair profit. I advertised in some local neighborhoods and got a response from this lady.

    Her house caught on fire, she has been living in an apartment since May, and her house needs alot of work outside to look good again before she moves back in Aug 15. She tells me how much work she would have for me, etc.

    I come out there to look and meet her and its a nightmare. Overgrown beds, half the grass is dead, backyard looks like a jungle. And my favorite, the bamboo her 80 year old neighbor planted that is of course, growing into her yard. Expect fireworks when I trim it back she tells me. She tells me her husband always hired two Mexican workers and they cleaned it up in a day. I tell her I will give her an estimate by Saturday and I am starting to think about the job. I think there is 30-40 man hours at this place. At the normal rate, you can probably figure out what I am thinking.

    I get ready to start writing up the estimate and find this is my email box.

    Hi just to give you an idea. There is a guy that works on our lawn, he cuts the grass, cleans the beds, removes the weeds and trims the Bamboo. He starts working at about 8 in the morning and he finishes the entire yard at about 6 the evening. he does it in one day and I pay him Ten Dollars an Hour. So it cost me about $90.00 for the job. This is only when the yard is overgrown like it is now. He does not have all the tools you have so it takes a bit longer.

    After that he comes in twice a month, cuts the grass, keeps it tidy and blows the leaves. He works for about 3 hours and I pay him $10.00 per hour. so that is about $30.00

    This is an idea.


    Fay XXXXXX

    Thanks to you guys, I already spot what a P in the A she is going to be. Just sent her the standard "If he will do that for that price, please hire him! Then give him my name and I will hire him for work as well."

    People are crazy. Hopefully, she would have some lube sitting on the front porch for me before I got started.

  2. JB1

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    I wouldn't have even responded to her at all after that.
  3. QualityLawnCare4u

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    Wow, ten dollars an hour! She is high for my area, I have been offered 2 and 4 per hour before:laugh: Go ahead and quote her 30-40 man hours at 50-60 per hour and listen to the grunting sound as she drops a brick in her drawers:laugh: Why the h*ll do these people even waste our time!
  4. billslawn89

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    give her a high estimate..what you got to lose? unless you don't want to do the work! get the money up front before even starting any job like that! i can hear the client already after you have finished the job, "well,,,can i pay you next week?" high estimate or RUN!

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    Lol. She just emailed me back telling me she wishes she could use me, but she is cash strapped right now. Guess she shouldn't have rolled up in a brand new Charger with no tags and new rims. Have a nice day! :)
  6. Dave_005

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    LMAO !!! for ten dollars an hour i would not even waste my time giveing her an estimate !
  7. mattfromNY

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    Send her a bill for your time on the estimate, and dont forget the 'email surcharge'.
  8. LawnSite Fanatic
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    I would ask her if the guy she used to hire starved to death, or just went back to mexico for higher wages....
  9. Lawn-Sharks

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    Wow! Whith those labor rates and the condition of her yard i would say the last time some one cleaned up that yard had to have been in the 1950's. That would explain the low rent labor cost! Tell tha crack hoe to quit living in the past!
  10. capetan

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    tell her you will do it for $8 an hour :) ...... but honestly just tell her thats a very good price and she should just have him do the work

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