This makes me soooo mad!!!


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What in the world was this guy thinking?
I went to a prop to mow today and I look across the street at the school I always mow on Mondays and over 1/2 (3/4 acre) of it was cut. So I went over to the neighbor's and the woman that lives there said her son cut it because he has been trying to fix the deck on his brothers toro ztr. What makes me so mad is that I always cut it at 3in and he cut it at about 2, my lines are always very straight and my deck cuts very level, his lines look like a bow and this job is on the main street. I think I'm going to have a long talk with him! What would you do? I was thinking about going to his yard and cutting it at 1 1/2in to teach him a lesson. I don't know if your on here but stay off my jobs!!!


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I had a problem like this where a neighbor started to test fixed machines he repaired mowers out of his garage and kept picking one or both of two of my accounts to 'test' things on and would cut the whole thing, supposedly for free.
At first I didn't say much, I figured I just lost the accounts due to some friendly neighbourly favor thing or what have you and so I let them go, but then come July I got a call and was able to start cutting again and I figured the guy must've finally got tired of working for free but wouldn't you know it, come September and HE was at it again! Now I got p'o'd because it dawned on me he only liked to do it when the work (and the temps) were chill and let ME do it when the job was a real nightmare... Well, well, well, you just don't know what comes around goes around, and maybe you don't know what happens come late October, but *I* sure do!
Yes, so then comes leaf season sure enough the two accounts kept calling me and guess WHO never showed up to do the leaves OR never returned any calls. That is how magic happened and lo and behold, this year I had no more problems of this nature with said accounts.
Whether you can do this with the school I do not know but you need to get the message across some kind of way, I had some kid last week running around on his 4-wheeler on one of my lots until I got tired of him 'racing' me or whatever stupid thing he was doing and went and asked the neighbor (the father came out) if it was ok if he tore up the yard with the 4-wheeler and he said it was so I let it go but 5 minutes later, no more racedriver in my face.


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That is irritating as hell, had that happen to me because the neighborhood kid liked riding lawn to lawn cutting everyones grass with butter knives on his murray rider. I kept wondering why the hell the front was always shorter and had less growth than the back. I wouldnt mind but they do a terrible job.